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Save Your Wallet: The Pros and Cons Of Wanelo

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at American chapter.


The world of Wanelo has been sweeping the nation over the past year. However, is it more dangerous than it is useful? Many girls are deleting Wanelo off of their phones and bookmarks because they find themselves spending countless hours scrolling through things that are “trending” rather than finishing their homework.

Wanelo is an online shopping source that provides pictures, prices, and direct links to how to buy it. The unique name stands for the first to letters of each of these words: Want, Need, Love. However, many wonder if it is really love, or if it is more of a foe. Many Wanelo users consider it to be highly addictive and a financially unstable hobby. Wanelo can be compared to Pinterest, in that it takes you directly to the links that you want to see. The difference is that Pinterest is known more for its ideas, and less for its product.

Although the site was introduced in 2012, it has continued to make an impression on its customers through 2013 and 2014 due to its ability to keep up with what’s hot, but Wanelo uses the word “trending.” The sites that were found the most interesting to users are put on the trending page to be seen as a home page for everyone who visits the site. 

See something you like? No problem. Wanelo has a save button. You can save what you think is cool, and buy it later or ask for it as a gift. Want it right now? Even better. Wanelo has a buy button, which takes you right to the site to begin buying the item that you want.

Looking for something specific? Wanelo has your back. 

This is where the addictive problem comes into play. Many could spend hours scrolling through their trending page, saving one thing after another, or even buying them. This has caused many to delete the app or website from their sight. If you have a lot of self control and even more money, Wanelo is your gold mine. However, if your lacking the ability to say no or your wallet can’t handle the pressure of this Bible for online shopping, I would hold back on Wanelo for awhile.


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