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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at American chapter.

Name: Savannah McCann

Major: Broadcast Journalism

Hometown: Cannonsburg, Pennsylvania 

Relationship Status: Single

Her Campus American University: What are you involved with on campus and in the DC community? 

Savannah McCann: I am a sister in Alpha Chi Omega, an entertainment anchor on ATV News, and I’m the social media intern for the D.C. Fashion Foundation.

HCAU: Do you have a job? If so, where?

SM: Yes. I work for Choice Respitory Care in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

HCAU: What is your favorite meal?

SM: I love brunch. I usually get eggs benedict, fruity crepes, or avocado toast. 

HCAU: What is something most people don’t know about you? 

SM: I’m a two-time national dance team winner.

HCAU: What is your favorite movie and why?

SM: “Coach Carter,” because it has Channing Tatum in it and it’s inspiring story with a happy ending.

HCAU: What is your go-to song and what genre do you love the most?

SM: “All Star” by Smashmouth is my go to pump up song, but I also love listening to country music. 

HCAU: What song describes your life? 

SM: Wow that’s a hard question. During the weekday I’d say “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus, but on the weekend it’s “Party in the USA”.

HCAU: What is your dream career? 

SM: I want to be the entertainment anchor on E! News like Giuliana Rancic. 

HCAU: If you could have any super power what would it be and why?

SM: Definitely the ability to teleport, because it could take me to cool places and I could get out of sticky situations.

HCAU: What is a place in D.C. that you would recommend to a tourist? 

SM: Chef Geoff’s anytime from 3 to 7 o’clock, that’s really when it’s fun.

Photo credits: Property of Savannah McCann

Katrina is a senior at American University, studying Broadcast Journalism and Sociology. She is currently the President of Her Campus American. She was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. When she's not writing for HCAU, you can find her traveling the country, interning at WJLA, or working at the campus gym front desk. Katrina loves cats, white chocolate mochas, and Beyoncé. In the future, she hopes to be a local reporter back in Boston.