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Rihanna: The New Entrepeneur in Town

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at American chapter.

Rihanna’s music has always been popular, since she started off big with her hit “Pon De Replay” in 2005. Not to mention, her impeccable style sense and carefree attitude are admirable among her fans. There always seems to be some creative and out-of-the-ordinary project Rihanna is working on, and it always seems to appeal to the musical audience. Rihanna’s true wacky and unique self is revealed through all of her lines in the fashion world, while still rapidly growing popular in the music industry. She is bigger and badder than ever. Here are some of the projects she has been working on…

1. Starting a popular shoe collection at Puma…

Puma has not been the most popular choice of shoe…but after Rihanna made her “Fenty by Rihanna” collection go viral through her Instagram posts of the shoe finally being stocked in September 2015, all the pairs were sold out overnight! The shoe has become extremely rare to find in ALL colors, and has become somewhat of an internet sensation for online shoe shoppers. According to Vogue, These “cool, covetable kicks ground any look with a subversive slant and grungy undertone worthy of the singer herself.” For now, the only websites selling these fashionable kicks are Ebay and KicksLA.

2. Recording a new album: “ANTIdiaRY” with short videos leading up to its release…

ANTIdiARY, being executive-produced by Kanye West will be supposedly featuring Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, The Weeknd, and Big Sean. The release date has been said to be December 4…but the anticipation Rihanna is building up for fans is legendary. Rihanna has worked with Samsung to create somewhat of an interactive video game containing clues that reveal information about the new album, featuring rooms or places significant to her life. Coincidentally, it can only be accessed on mobile devices. It starts with an eccentric video of Rihanna in a technological chamber touching a music machine and becoming possessed by it. However, a recent video has been released showing a children’s bedroom, with a younger girl pressing keys on a small piano, then shifting to her and a younger boy playing with sheets on the bed. It ends with a young girl walking slowly towards them with wearing a crown that covers her eyes. Here’s the virtual reality video!

3. She already declared tour dates for her album, even though it has not been released yet…

According to rap-up.com, Rihanna has declared February 2016 as the starting date for her “ANTIdiaRY World Tour”, including a line up “with special guests Travis Scott, The Weeknd, and Big Sean.” Tickets are supposed to go on sale on December 3rd, but with Rihanna, everything is a mystery.

4. Declared “Most Streamed Female Artist” on Spotify

With over 1 billion streams and 57 million listeners, Rihannas new music is being obsessed over, as well as her older albums. With the new album coming out, who knows when Rihanna WON’T be the most streamed female artist on Spotify.

5. Starting a new line of socks…

Typically, I would not put a specific pair of socks on my Christmas list…but with the styles Rihanna brings to the fashion world of socks is almost bizarre. Not only is Rihanna killing it in the shoe world with her PUMA Creeper sneakers, but with her “Fenty for Stance” holiday sock line as well (available in stores since September 2015). These adorable foot accessories allow your outfit to be in the holiday spirit from your head LITERALLY to your toes. Check out some of these fuzzy and fashionable socks to see if they’ll make the Christmas list!

6. Starting her own beauty agency

Rihannas new styling and beauty agency, “Fr8te”, is located in Los Angeles, California. The agency “helps stylists, hairdressers and makeup artists book editorial and celebrity jobs.” Although Fr8te is extremely new, celebrities are intrigued to discover the amazing makeup artists Rihanna has in line for them! Check out her website right here for a closer look!

7. Starting a new photo agency: “My Dog Ate My Homework”

Rihanna founded “My Dog Ate My Homework”, which is a photo agency focused on acting as a “sister” to her new beauty and styling agency, “Fr8me”.

At this point, it seems like there is nothing Rihanna can’t do…stay tuned!


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