Our Fall D.C. Bucket List

As the leaves change from green to shades of orange and the air gets crisp, you may want to think about getting out and into the city to experiene this beautiful time of year in the nation's capital.  Here are a few ideas to help you get into the spirit of fall!

1. Go to a haunted house

Halloween is the time to get your spook on. Check out some of D.C.’s famous haunted houses. Grab your friends and head to Markoff’s Haunted Forest and Cox Farms’ Fields of Fear; these are great places to start and will be sure to get you into the Halloween spirit.

2. Bake with your friends

A fun activity to do during a fall weekend is spending some time in the kitchen baking. There are so many ideas online for baked goods to do, some fun YouTubers to check out are: OhYum, Laura in the Kitchen, & Honeysuckle.

3. Go apple & pumpkin picking

You might be surprised to hear that there are great places to go pumpkin and apple picking this fall around the D.C. area. A lot of farms in Maryland and Virginia put on fall festivities, and in addition, they also offer hayrides! Be sure to check out our list!

4. Take a walk and enjoy the fall foliage

Fall can be a stressful time full of exams and projects. Don’t forget to take a deep breath, set aside some time for yourself, and explore the new colors in D.C., starting with the National Mall. If you would like a closer alternative, consider going for a walk in Clover Park. 

5. Binge watch Netflix

Finding time to watch TV in the midst of a busy school sechedule can be nearly impossible. Take some time to catch up on your favorite shows with a warm cup of tea and a facemask – a great TV show to start on this season is Stranger Things.

6. Enjoy fall beverages

When rushing between classes, don’t forget to stop and taste the season by grabbing a fall beverage. I personally don’t really relate to the whole pumpkin anything ordeal, but I prefer a nice cup of hot apple cider (this is the season you can find it at the Dav).

7. Make Halloween costumes

Picking your Halloween costume in addition to all of your midterms can be extremely stressful. Make sure your Halloween costume is clear so you don’t need to explain it to anyone, and culturally sensitive. Start prepping your costume now so it will be ready by the time Halloween gets here. 

8. Embassy Trick-or-Treating

You may think that you have outgrown trick-or-treating, but how cool would it be to receive candy from 20 different countries? Embassies in D.C. will literally open their doors on Halloween and hand out candy. So get a group of friends, dress up, and stock up on international goodies!


9. Create a Fall playlist

One thing that is challenging about the weather getting colder is getting out of bed for morning classes. A fall playlist is an essential way to help you to start your day and stop moping around. I like to create seasonal playlists on itunes or Spotify that help me prepare for the coming season. 

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