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Optical Illusions to Keep Your Mind Off of “The Dress”

So, over the course of Thursday night and all of Friday, we all became victims of “The Dress.” Some saw it as blue and black, while others saw it as white and gold. I honestly can’t believe how this is possible, or even why the dress got so much attention in the first place. At first I saw it as blue and black, and couldn’t believe when people told me it was white and gold, I mean, it doesn’t get much different than those tones. But after about an hour, I was able to only see the dress as white and gold. This change frustrated me even more, and I was unable to let it go. After some stressful arguing, I decided to get my mind off of the dress. Here are some other optical illusions, to distract you from the dress:

1. The Two-faced Man:


2. Same shades of gray:

Believe it or not, these boxes are exactly the same shade of gray.


3.  Square A is the same color as Square B:


4. How many columns do you see?


5. Going up or down?


6. The yellow bars are the same size:


7. The middle lines are the same length:


8. Is it a Rabbit or a Duck?


I hope this blew your mind, and got you to stop thinking about that dress…. Enjoy!


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