Notorious RBG skips the State of the Union: Yet Another Reason to Love Her

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg did not attend President Trump’s first State of the Union on January 30th. Instead, she attended a Fireside chat for a student at Roger Williams. This is not uncommon for Supreme Court Justices as Scalia often missed State of Unions calling them “cheerleader sessions”. However, RBG skipping the president’s speech just reminds us of the strong woman she is, so lets take a trip down RBG memory lane.

Justice Ginsburg has survived cancer not once, but two times. While undergoing chemotherapy she did not miss any oral arguments, according to She has also stated that she has no plans to retire soon, and she keeps herself in good health so that she can stay on the court. If you’re ever curious as to how the 84-year-old keeps herself in such good health, you can read “The RBG Workout: How She Stays Strong . . . and You Can Too!,” her workout book. 

But Ruth’s amazing dedication to her health isn’t the only reason we love her.  Ginsburg has also been fighting for women’s rights since the start of her career. Facing sexism within her class at Harvard Law School, with a class of 9 women out of 500 students, she then moved on to work for the ACLU. She decided that working for the ACLU and fighting cases on women’s issues, she would bring higher credibility to the feminist movement. According to her ACLU page she laid the groundwork for sex based discrimination cases and now they are continuously fighting for all genders in all levels of the courts. However, RBG’s activism doesn't stop there. In an interview this January, Ruth gives her take on #MeToo. In the full interview by CNN, she recounts a time when she stood up to sexual harassment by her professor at Cornell. "For so long, women were silent", Ginsburg said as she is hopeful that times are changing for women in this country.

We’re lucky to have such a strong powerful force on the highest bench in the country, and the amazing memes that arise from her glorious moments. Hopefully in the upcoming session we will see some notorious “ginsburns”  

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