Natalie Gonzalez & MJ Perdomo: Nourish International's E-Board Members


Her Campus American University: What exactly does the club Nourish do?

Natalie Gonzalez: Nourish AU is part of a nation-wide organization known as Nourish International. The goal of Nourish International is to help alleviate extreme poverty worldwide through community development and student leadership. Students raise money through venture projects to support non-profit organizations that are helping those in need in developing nations. In addition to raising money, Nourish International gives students the opportunity to work one on one in the communities they are supporting. Our Nourish chapter here at AU, founded by Steven Haderer, Karl Laubacher and Adrian Nesta, focuses on development and alleviating poverty in Peru. We are currently in a two-year partnership with a non-profit organization known as MOCHE, Inc. Their project, Save the Moche, aims at preserving archeological sites in Peru, improving the standard of living in poor communities and preserving the indigenous culture of the Moche civilization. 

HCAU: Why did you guys decide to join the club? & more specifically e-board?

MJ Perdomo: I have a strong passion for international development and when I found about this club, whose purpose is to help and empower communities overcome poverty, I knew I had to get involved! For me, Nourish encompasses my passions for helping others and international affairs. 

NG: As an SIS major, I also have a strong passion for international development and learning about other cultures around the world. One thing that I love about Nourish is that it gives students the ability to shape their experience in any way they want. As a club, we had the freedom to chose what part of the world we wanted to focus in, what NGO we wanted to partner with, and what types of fundraisers we wanted to put on throughout the school year.

HCAU: What are some upcoming events you are planning?

NG: During Parents Weekend we held a jewelry sale where we sold Dsenyo Fair Trade jewelry that was hand crafted by artisan groups in Malawi, Africa. The sales were a huge success!

MP: This Friday will we be hosting our first Fall Festival, an event which consists of selling sweatshirts, mugs, hot chocolate and cookies! We will also be selling pumpkins for students to decorate at our painting stations! It will be an event to celebrate fall and Nourish’s mission. 

HCAU: How do you think current members like it? & do you think the club will grow next semester?

MP: I can honestly say, that our current members are incredibly involved and dedicated, which makes me incredibly proud to be part of such an amazing club. We have created a sense of community within Nourish, which makes it so easy to put it in all the hard work needed for this club to succeed. With how dedicated our members are, I have no doubt this club will continue to grow and be successful for years to come. 

HCAU: What are some goals that the club hopes to achieve? 

NG: Some goals that we hope to achieve at Nourish AU is to put on successful ventures that will allow us to raise money to support MOCHE Inc. and the people of Peru. In addition to fundraising, we hope to get people more aware of the Moche civilization and culture in Peru. 

Find more information on Moche here and more information on Nourish International here.


All photos courtesy of Natalie Gonzalez