Mitt Romney's Vote for Justice

This past week Mitt Romney, the Senator from Utah, cemented his place in United States history textbooks after voting to convict in the Senate trial against President Donald Trump. In what numerous media networks are calling “a profile in courage”, Romney chose to defy partisan expectations and not fall prey to party influence. In doing so, he became the first U.S. Senator to ever vote for the removal of a President of their own party, making the vote to convict the president a bipartisan one.


While his vote may seem out of line based on the near-universal Republican dedication to Trump, Romney is historically an exception within the GOP. Famous for ‘flip-flopping’, Romney went from President of Bain Capital to the Governor of Massachusetts to the 2012 Republican Presidential Nominee and most recently, Senator from Utah. Romney never strictly follows the party line whether that be in demographics or policy proposal. This became increasingly apparent with the release of the 2014 film ‘Mitt’, which followed him from the 2008 primary election to his eventual nomination in 2012. After going on to lose the 2012 election to President Barack Obama, Romney states, “in some ways, we had to steal the Republican nomination because our party is Southern, evangelical, and populist. Furthermore, I am Northern, Mormon, and rich, and these things do not match well with our party.” Having been labeled an ‘opportunist’ after switching from a “moderate” platform to “severely conservative” in the 2012 GOP primaries, Romney’s political career often fails to rid itself of this reputation, until now. 


No matter where your political loyalties or beliefs lie, both sides of the aisle can respectfully agree that Romney’s actions were exceedingly remarkable, especially since his vote wouldn’t have tipped the scales of the majority. Knowing that his vote would ultimately be lost, Romney remained devoted to his convictions and didn’t fall back into the party fold. Speaking on his decision to vote ‘guilty’, his speech is compelling and emotional. At a time in our country when politics are deeply divisive, Romney serves as an example of putting the potential good of the country above party agenda, no matter the political implications. Although the Senate majority chose to acquit President Trump, it is increasingly hopeful to know that there are politicians willing to fight for justice and truth within our governmental system. 

Watch Romney's speech here.

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Photos: Her Campus Media