Miriam Jackson '18

Meet campus cutie Miriam Jackson, a sophomore spending the semester in Madrid, Spain. Miriam loves her friends and family above all, and has always had an itch to travel to explore the culture of foreign countries. She is loving her time abroad, and took the time to give Her Campus American some of the highlights. 

Name: Miriam Jackson

Age: 19

Major: Spanish and Film

Hometown: Dunwoody, GA

Campus activities: Karate, DKA and CLASE

Abroad location: Madrid, Spain. I wanted to immerse myself in the Spanish language and culture, so where better is a better plave to do that than in Spain?

Abroad highlight so far: Although I loved going on some of the bigger trips to Spanish cities with the program, my favorite thing so far has been a trip to Rascafría, a small mountainous location, for the night. It was the first time the program planned a trip there, and we stayed in a hostel. It was only a few days into the program, so it was really nice to stay in a room and get to know everybody.

Goals for the abroad experience: I want to improve my Spanish as much as possible

Favorite food abroad: Spaghetti with a fried egg on top

Weird cultural change: Spanish people eat little to no breakfast, but lunch starts at 2 pm the earliest. Then dinner is around 9 pm, so that has been a major change.

Most missed American things: Comfort foods, friends and family

Free time activities: Walking around the city, going shopping and doing homework in cute cafes



Photos belong to Miriam Jackson