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The Men of American University: Who will you meet?

Okay ladies, you have four years to meet a guy here at American University. That’s eight semesters. Not enough time? Or is it that there are not enough decent men? Or should I even say men? Many of us ladies know that at this time in our lives, we all want different things in a guy, different types of guys, and let’s just admit it: AU “men” just barely make the cut. Or do they? These are all questions us ladies ask ourselves everyday, whether or not we would like to admit it.

I wanted to find out some perspective from different ladies on campus. There are many different types of people on this campus, girls, guys, ladies, bros, gentlemen, etc. and I wanted to see if the game of matchmaker was doing it’s magic.

First, let’s examine the types of guys that go to AU. Or, the assumed stereotypes at the very least. I decided to ask a sample of four different sociable ladies from each
year, to get some variation. 

Many of the girls I spoke to ranging from freshmen to senior all said around the same thing: gay community, frat bro, artsy/hipsters, the nerds/future political employees, etc. These stereotypes are not surprising to many at American, but do these generalizations mean that girls can’t have romantic relationships with frat bros, artsy boys, or political wonks? Some say it is the vibe that the guys give off, or the reputation they have.

Many girls on campus have no hope, some say you can meet guys but not get a mutual agreement on a relationship; so the last hope is the friend zone. So do the ladies think that AU “men” are bad news? Many of the ladies I asked did not really have a distinct answer. Some said that it all really matters on the specific wants and needs in the situation, and how everyone is different.

All in all these generalizations are easy to point out, but many say that it all depends on the specific person regardless of the label they have.

Labels will be forever in our presence, and we cannot escape them.  Yes, most of us have four years here at AU, but that does not end our search for men. Good luck ladies, and remember there are plenty of fish in the sea! 

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