Meet Gigi Engle: Sex Educator & Pleasure Professional

If you haven't heard of Gigi Engle, it's about time you did.  Her Campus American would like to introduce you to our ultimate girlboss inspiration. Gigi Engle is a sex educator and Pleasure Professional at O. School, the online website dedicated to opening up discussions about sex and pleasure.  Through her work, Engle is devoted to public speaking, feminist writing, and of course education.  And it doesn't end there: in addition to opening up conversations about sex, she also has a lot to say about self-confidence and empowerment as it relates to sex.  


Engle's articles have appeared in several major magazines, including Teen Vogue, Marie Claire, and Elle Magazine.  Oh and did we mention she's writing a book? As if that weren't enough, Engle also has time to run her own weekly advice column called "Ask Gigi."  She's tackling questions from readers about topics that aren't talked about enough in our society today.  Gigi Engle is initiating conversations that real women today are interested in having.  Questions Engle has answered in these columns include: "How do I get my boyfriend to use a vibrator during sex?" , "My clit is too sensitive, what do I do?" , and "How do I avoid being a needy piece of shit?" 


Through her work with O. School, Engle gives live-stream workshops and encourages viewers to engage in discussions on topics such as cunnilingus.  O. School prides itself on "empathy-guided learning", "authentic instructors", and "safe spaces for all."  It offers talks online daily and is open to moderated conversations with viewers.  It's clear that Engle and O.School are working to build an inclusive and welcoming community open to anyone who has questions about sex and pleasure.  


This boss babe has over 13,000 followers on Instagram, and according to her website her "top posts have been shared online over 100 million times."  If you have questions about sex, or just want to see the magic of Engle and O. School for yourself, head over to the websites today and check out Engle's live-stream class schedule.  Her next class is February 27th at 6 pm EST on "Why You Need Lube," followed by "Sexual Anatomy" on March 13th at 6 pm.  

Throw Gigi Engle a follow on Instagram to get the full picture of Engle's commitment to promoting sexual self-confidence and independence among her followers. Thank you, Gigi Engle, for helping engage society in discussions surrounding pleasure and individuality at the same time.  


All photos belong to Gigi Engle.