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Let’s Forgive Ryan Lochte Already

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at American chapter.

This summer, the 2016 Summer Olympics were held in Rio de Janiero. However, there were many scandals that revolved around the games. Whether it was the green diving pools or danger in the city making headlines, nothing was more highly publicized at the end of the games than Ryan Lochte and his incident at a local gas station.

After appearing all over the news, Lochte made a public apology via social media and an interview with Matt Lauer from “The Today Show.” Following, he joined this season’s all star cast of “Dancing With The Stars” to give himself a fresh start. The cast includes his Team USA teammate Laurie Hernandez and “Wizard’s of Waverly Place’s” Jake T. Austin. To start off the show, Lochte performed the foxtrot with his partner, returning champion Cheryl Burke. 

However, as they were getting judged on their performance, two men came out protesting while judge Carrie Ann Inaba was giving them feedback. After the men were kicked out of the venue by security, the incident was released on the news. What’s important to remember is that what happened with Lochte in Rio was over a month ago and is definitely old news. He came on the show for a fresh start and does not want the world to see him as the Olympic swimmer who messed up in Rio. Instead, everyone must remember that Lochte has gone to four Olympics and has made tremendous accomplishments for the United States. 

Overall, Lochte made a mistake. Although he may not be the brightest person, he is human and everyone makes mistakes. People move on with their life, and this is what Lochte is trying to do. So let’s try to forget what Lochte did and enjoy watching him and the other stars on this season of “Dancing With The Stars.”

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