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Kim Kardashian is “Selfish”

Now why would I (an all things Kardashian obsessed person) call Kim Kardashian-West “selfish”? Because the fashion designer, businesswoman, model, reality star, wife and mother, 34, is set to release a “selfie book” called Selfish this spring.

Now what does a “selfie book” actually entail? Well if you have been “keeping up” with the Kardashian’s since season one like me, then you know that Kim is actually a pretty quiet and shy person, but not when it comes to the camera. Social media has actually dubbed her one of the “trailblazers” of the selfie movement. The glam goddess herself has been documenting her life in selfies since 1984, when she was just four years old.

Her new book Selfish, which will soon be available for purchase, is a collection of pictures Mrs. West has taken of herself compiled into a 352 page book for her fans that will give them an even more in depth look into her life. Fans will get to see the selfie queen completely candid, even providing never-before seen shots. 

Kardashian-West has made a career gracing the covers of countless magazines showcasing her curvaceous bod in high fashion photography. So what better way, besides her family’s reality television show, than to take fans on a journey throughout her life than providing them with a book of selfies?


There have always been Kim K. haters out there, and some are reacting saying that her selfie book is  “waste of good paper” and “narcissistic.”


This is what I have to say: if posting selfies has helped her create a fan base and helped her get to the point where she’s at now, let her come out with a book of pictures that she feels her fans would appreciate seeing. She’s doing something personal for the people that have been backing her up since day one. Kim works hard to keep up with her fitness, and if she chooses to come out with a book, then I support it. I think that if any person was in the same position as her or looked like her, they would absolutely come out with a book too.

Also, it’s not like Kim doesn’t poke fun at the fact that she could be a little selfie obsessed. Her Super Bowl 2015 T-Mobile commercial shows the star making fun of the fact she posts numerous selfies to social media.

You go Kim! You’re beautiful, and your true fans will back you up. You can purchase Kim Kardashian West’s book Selfish starting May 5, 2015.


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