Joe Biden and John Boehner Appreciation

You may have tuned in to watch President Obama's State of the Union address (#SOTU) but the men behind the POTUS caught many viewer's attentions. Vice President Joe Biden and Speaker of the House John Boehner are from different political parties and have totally different personalities. These men are forced to work together, therefore wouldn't you think they would have a bromance? They display priceless reactions every year during the speech from Biden's carefree persona to Boehner's stoic expressions. Here are photos to display Her Campus American's appreciation for Joe and John. 

Boehner is secretly telling Biden to get off of him. 

Boehner clapped but Biden didn't. Roles have totally changed. 

Joe is finding something funny but John isn't having it. 

During last year's SOTU, John was admiring Joe's suit. In Boehner's words, "I told Joe his suit and tie looked pretty nice, fancy. He was steppin’ out a little bit and I wanted him to know — I wanted him to know that I noticed."

No words for this photo. 

I totally support this bromance I made in my head. 

Flashback to when Obama got re-elected in 2012!

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