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Interview with New Artist: Inconsistent Me

I have been following aspiring artist Brendan Dane and his journey, for a couple of years, through writing music on Instagram and YouTube. There’s something special about watching someone’s dream come alive. Recently, Dane released an album called Clouded as a solo artist under the name Inconsistent Me. In order to learn more about Dane’s album, he let me into the inside of his life as a musician.

The first question I asked Dane was about what other musicians inspire his sound. He mentioned Blackbear, a well-known hip-hop, pop, and trap artist. While I do see some Blackbear influence in Dane’s music, his next explanation really clarified his relationship with writing music. Dane said he actually tries not to listen to other artists when developing his own sound. He says, “my inspiration is life experience and what happens to me.” To me, too many artists have become ripoffs of other artists. One sounds like a million others and the music becomes a trend rather than original art. Dane’s response was striking, and I admire his pursuit of originality.

Next, I asked Dane about the vulnerability and honesty of his album. I asked if songs like “Don’t Wanna Know” and “The Better Person” are based on real relationships. He laughed and it was clear that the music he makes could never be ingenuine. His lyrics are personal and it was clear that the songs are honest, the idea that he would make up the frustrating situation of “Don’t Wanna Know” or the way “Fall In Too" captures young love. That was laughable to both of us.

I wanted to ask Dane a more real question; something that would reach the core of the musician. I asked him why he makes music and what the drive is behind Inconsistent Me. He says, “that’s just who I am. That’s what I’m best at and when I’m having fun.” He spoke about how music belongs everywhere, and as a fellow music lover, I couldn’t agree more. He gave the example of visiting a college town and how when he meets people he wishes he could play guitar for them. That when he makes or plays his music, that’s when he is the most himself. I think nowadays people are too dishonest about who they are. It’s refreshing that there are still artists who believe in making music for the joy of it.

I asked another question about what makes artists like Dane tick. I asked him what makes his music different from all the other albums out there. He asserts that he believes in the way his music is inherently different. “It’s not like anything out right now. It’s a mix, pop-punk, alternative, it’s a blend. There’s a lot of stuff out, and I try to incorporate a lot of styles in each song,” Dane explains. There’s something admirable about tackling several genres in any one song. It yells out to the listener that the artist is fearless and doesn’t let themselves be contained by genre.

As for the future, Dane seems set on improving his production and his vocals to make music that outdoes what he has created. There’s nothing better than an artist with real ambitions like Dane. What is truly impressive about him as an artist is that he is completely self-produced. “I recommend people be completely independent,” he says, “let the record label come to you rather than the other way around.” This is the "go for it and wait for the world to catch up" mindset that people must have if they want to make it. In this new era, artists have to learn to produce their own music and Dane has already caught on to the trend and advocates others do too.

Finally, I asked him what he’d like to say to young aspiring artists out there and he suggests, “don’t stop trying. It’s okay to not be so good at first. Eventually, you’ll get better. Do it for yourself.” He then jokes, “don’t just try to make money, or whatever, seriously.” I admire that advice. I’m a believer in creating art for the sake of creating something beautiful and meaningful. It’s nice to see an artist who still believes in that and who is out there inspiring more people to go for it.

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Grace Hasson is a dedicated writer and poet. She is studying English literature and music at American University. She is a part of the class of 2022.
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