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In the wake of Afghanistan falling into the Taliban, approximately 23,000 Afghan refugees arrived in the United States. It is crucial we provide access to the resources they need. Here are three ways you can help:

1. Volunteer in the D.C. area or virtually

There are many ways to volunteer and many organizations in the D.C. area, such as the Ethiopian Community Development Council (ECDC). The ECDC is  looking for volunteers to help place refugees in apartments, provide airport transportation, etc. 

Another organization is One Journey / NOVA Friends of Refugees. They are seeking volunteers that can help organize household item donations, transportation and aid the refugee families in a multitude of ways. 

There are plenty of organizations needing virtual volunteers that don’t aren’t in the D.C. area. For example, the Afghan Coalition is looking for female tutors  that are paired with a family to meet virtually regarding educational needs. Volunteering is so important because it can also help provide needed companionship and emotional support to these refugees. 

2. Donate to organizations working with Afghan refugees 

Many organizations, local and worldwide, are seeking direct donations. Some of them are Miles4 Migrants, Aghanaid, & Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Area. A complete list of organizations can be found here

Organizations have made it clear that even the smallest of donations are encouraged and appreciated. All of the donations go directly to organizations working with Afghan refugees who need our help. 

3. Contact your elected officials

Elected officials can make a significant impact. The U.S. can welcome more Afghan refugees and should lift refugee caps. You can share your support by contacting the White House and signing a petition. There is also an email form published by The International Rescue Committee. Your voice is important in persuading the Biden administration. 

You can also let your local congressman or senator know how important it is to provide a safe haven for Afghan refugees. Many bills have been introduced in Congress that would benefit refugees, such as H.R.4736 – Improving Access for Afghan Refugees Act, which would make it necessary for the Department of State to give “priority refugee status to eligible habitual residents of Afghanistan,” according to the bill’s text. 

Overall, these are just some things you can do to help Afghan refugees; any action, small or big, will make an impact. As a passionate student body, we should do our part to aid in global humanitarian efforts.

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