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How to Survive the Apoca-Weather

If you have skin, eyes or ears, you may have noticed a small shift in DC's temperature this winter. This is a subtle way of saying that it has been very, very cold. I’m not exactly sure who pissed off Frozone (perhaps they hid his super suit), but this recent polar freeze is one of the most expansive and coldest in the nation’s history. Whether you’re from the beaches of Hawai’i or the frozen Midwest, if you don’t like risking frostbite and are afraid of getting cabin fever, here are a few activities to keep your mind active while the rest of the nation freezes.

Pamper yourself

Cancelled classes are an excellent excuse to indulge in some self-care. Whether this means getting an extra hour of sleep or spending time with friends, don’t be afraid to take some time just for you. If you are into skincare, you can make face masks or body scrubs using things that you already have in your room. It's a fun way to take care of yourself or bond with friends without having to go shopping for ingredients.

Try these recipes with avocado and oatmeal.

Tip: you can add raw sugar to any face mask recipe to make a gentle exfoliant.


It might be too cold for the gym, but being cooped up all day can lead to irritability, depression and mood swings. Combined with the lack of sunlight in the colder months, winter can be a depressing time. To help combat this, try a workout routine that you can do yourself or with friends in your room. They give you great workout guidelines that you don’t need gym equipment for.

Try apps like PEAR personal fitness coachAsana Rebel if yoga is more your jam, Butt Workout which is just for your lower body (obviously), or many more to beat those winter blues.


DIY crafts are a great and inexpensive way to spruce up your living space and pass the time without using your phone. If you’re willing to venture outside, Michael’s on Wisconsin Ave IS right down the street from the Friendship Heights metro stop and has a bunch of cheap supplies for making crafts. But please, put down some cardboard or newspaper before using any type of glue.

  • Buy a few glass jars (they’re $1), tissue paper, mod podge and a fake tea candle if you would like to create a pretty window design, candle holder or office supplies container. If you use only one layer of tissue paper, the light from your window or candle will shine through the jar nicely.

  • Grab a pack of plain stiff headbands from a drugstore, use some ribbon or a strip of old fabric and wrap it around the entirety of the headband. You can use some extra sticky strips from command hooks to secure both sides in place. Then apply fake flowers, a bow, or wire to create cat ears with crazy glue (check out the samples from HerCampus) and you’ve got a set of new hair accessories.

Tip: you can listen to music, a podcast or audiobook for extra zen.


Yes I know, you already have a ton of academic reading to do for all your classes, but reading (or listening to) a novel can be a calming and fun way to pass the time, take your mind off stressful subjects and enjoy the weather from the inside. If you prefer paper books and don’t want to go to the bookstore or library, start a book swap between your friends or floor. If you’re living in a new place this semester, it's a good way to bond with people. So grab your kindle, iPad (reading on a phone can be distracting and tiring to the eyes), magazine or book, wrap yourself in cozy layers and sit by the window for some natural light and a great view of falling snow.

Tip: Marshalls sells hot cocoa mix for under $5 that can really take your reading experience to the next level.

You won't enjoy the spring if you're sad all winter. Use these tips and more to keep your brain and body warm during this chilly winter.


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Rebecca Atkins

American '22

Rebecca Atkins is a Freshman at American originally from Santa Cruz, California. She is currently studying International Relations in the School of International Service. When not napping or marveling at a snowfall, Becca Enjoys singing, dancing, baking sweets and reading. This is her first Year writing for Her Campus AU.
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