How One Question A Day Has Enhanced My Long Distance Relationship

Couples are always looking for new ways to enhance their connection. Early in my current relationship, my boyfriend and I ventured into our highschool library to grab some books and stumbled across a book donation room. Inside, towers of books of every genre engulfed the floor and lined the walls. For two book lovers, this room teeming with stories was an invitation for discovery. 

 We carefully browsed through the collection of familiar and unfamiliar covers and spines. Intrigued by its conspicuously small volume, I spotted a book, “Question a Day, a 5-Year Journal”. The objective of the book is to respond to one question every day for 5 years and observe consistency or change throughout each response. With fascination, I glanced through the miniature pages noticing the perpetual blank responses. I handed the book to him and we flipped through to ask and answer the varying prompts together. Without question, I unzipped my backpack to bring the untouched book home.

As we simultaneously read the question of the day, a deeper connection is invoked. We learn and grow together. Each question is a prompt to a new thought-provoking conversation that almost always provides us with a new connection. The variety of questions require self-reflection and thought; some questions are light and fun, some serious and soul searching, some beg for long answers, and others for short answers.

Through this small daily practice, we could converse about our specific opinions and values. At times, we’ve been able to guess each other’s response because of how close we are.  

This past summer, the book typically remained at my house, so I wanted the book to go to college with him. Fast-forward to today, we are now attending colleges in different states adjusting to a long-distance relationship. Coincidentally, the first gift package delivered to me in college contained a “question of the day: college edition” book. 

Acquiring the question of the day book has strengthened my relationship near and far. Now that we’ve embarked on our new journeys, we continue to evolve together by asking and answering a new question from our books over daily facetime. Regardless, our connection remains incredibly strong, but each day I look forward to learning something new or often times being reminded of a specific reason why I love him. 

Long-distance is hard, but even short-distance relationships aren’t easy. On busy days, the question of the day is an incentive to briefly and deeply check in, and with each answer, we are reminded of the reasons that we love each other. Yes, it’s important to hear what’s immediately on our minds, but this added practice allows for an insight into the deeper mind of the person we love. College life can be hectic and this especially helps us maintain our deep connection with the distance between us.

Without question, adopting this practice into your daily routine is a simple and sweet way to enhance your relationship. We get to hear about what’s not immediately on our minds, and we get the benefit of the deeper mind of the person we love. If you are looking for a unique yet effortless way to enhance your relationship I strongly suggest picking up your copy here!


Photo credit: Alexis Raitt