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How to Make Asynchronous Class Work for You:

If you are someone who needs a schedule to succeed, asynchronous courses might be a new obstacle. However, it is not a hard one to overcome. 

Treat your course as normal and choose the same time or time period to watch lectures, do readings, and complete assignments. If you live with roommates, maybe see if they also are taking an asynchronous class and match up your schedules. Having someone to hold you accountable will also be a great help. You can serve as non-electronic reminders of what tasks need to be accomplished when a professor is not there to remind you. 

Regarding other responsibilities, such as an internship or job, do not forget to add these too to your schedule. Another important addition is specific times for studying, working, and breaks. By having your schedule on paper and pre-determined, you will feel less stressed since you can fit other plans into it while also accomplishing your tasks on time.

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If technology is also helpful to you, try using the application “Chipper: College Weekly Planner” Like Google Calendar, you input all your class times and days, assignments, tests, and work into the application. It will then be color-coded into a monthly and weekly schedule where you see the colored “dots” representing whatever you imputed. The bigger the dot, the more important the assignment is. You can also send reminders to yourself and add study times for tests or working times for your other responsibilities. 

Online classes are difficult and asynchronous requires much more self-management, but once you get the hang of it, the semester itself will go more smoothly, and finishing the course is an even greater accomplishment.


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