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How to Have a Good Spring Break- Abroad or at Home

As many of us college students are eagerly awaiting, spring break is approaching fast. Whether you’re aiming to escape to warm weather, or you’re heading back to the comforts of home, there are many ways to turn your spring break into an adventure no matter your budget or location. Check out these tips and tricks for making the most out of your spring break!

If you’re looking to get away, check out these options:

1. Use apps to find cheap flights to great locations.Apps like Hopper and Hitlist provide you with the least expensive flights available to some of the best destinations. You can also use them to look at the best time of year to visit certain places so that you get the most for your money. You may also find some unexpected places that have perfect prices for last-minute bookings!

2. Try an Airbnb or a hostel instead of a hotel.

As long as it’s safe, hostels and Airbnbs can usually provide you with better prices than hotels, and if you book lodgings with your friends you can save even more money. This is a nice way to experience a bit of the lifestyle of a place you travel to.  

3. Go on an Alternative Break.

If you’d like to get away and do some good for people on your vacation, look into Alternative Break programs. AU has great offerings of both interesting locations and important social missions that will provide you with an experience you won’t forget, and you’ll get to travel in a group of your peers.

If you’re heading home for spring break and are looking for something to do, try these ideas: 

1. Take a day trip somewhere new. 

If you are looking for local fun, try visiting a new town or city near you for a day. Seek out a different restaurant or activity you’ve never tried before. Just because you’re staying local doesn’t mean you can’t have a unique experience.

2. Visit a friend at another school near you. 

If you live near a friend whose spring break doesn’t match up with yours, pay them a visit and see what their school is like. You can catch up with your friend, as well as meet new friends and explore what’s different from AU.

3. Enjoy being home. 

Yes, it would be cool to lounge on a beach or explore a new city for spring break, but this is not the reality for many of us. Honestly though, who doesn’t love being back at their own home? Relish the fact that you can sleep in your own bed, eat better food than what the dining hall offers, and not having to wear flip-flops in the shower. Also, there really isn’t anything better than seeing your family and friends after being away at school.

Regardless of where you go for spring break, remember to have fun and relax! Take time to enjoy the people you spend time with, and embrace the chance to do something different from your everyday routine.

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Kate is a freshman at American University studying Communications. In her free time, Kate likes reading, running, and exploring new places with her friends.
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