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How to Dress for Transition Weather

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at American chapter.

This weather has been anything but loyal. It’s hot, it’s cold and then it rains. There is absolutely no consistency. If you’re anything like me, you’re finally realizing that the source of your trust issues is this erratic weather.

What’s worse is that it’s impossible to dress for it. Each day I walk outside hoping for a brisk fall breeze, and then slowly begin to realize that I’m completely overdressed as the temperature rises to a warm 80 degrees (for October on the East Coast, this is not OK). So here are some ideas on how to dress for the crazy transition weather this season.

1) Layers

Layers are perfect for this season because you can remove or add more depending on the temperature. If it’s cool, add an extra layer (like a chic boyfriend blazer, knit cardigan, light jacket, or thick scarf). If it’s a little bit warmer, ditch the top layer and wear a chunky knit sweater (the chunkier the knit, the more likely it’ll have some ventilation because of the holes).

2)  Leather Jackets

An all-time favorite of mine, a nice leather biker jacket can pull any outfit together. Leather jackets can keep you warm on brisk cooler days with a thick sweater underneath and a scarf. They can also be a nice add on to wear on top of a light, white v-neck, a delicately detailed button down, or a classic striped shirt. Throw a scarf on top and you’re set for colder mornings, but you also have the option to get rid of it as soon the temperature rises as the day goes on.

3) Knit cardigans

Just like a leather jacket, a knit cardigan can keep you warm while still looking chic. When picking out a knit cardigan, go for the oversized ones, that way you can layer underneath it for the warmer days. Also, the oversized ones give you a chic yet casual look with a nice button down underneath or a lightly tucked in sweater. 

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