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The Biden campaign had a successful summer with choosing Senator Kamala Harris as Vice President, the Democratic National Convention receiving high television ratings, and a surge in their party fundraising. These victories reassured Democrats across the nation that Trump’s time in the oval office could be coming to an end. 

But is this enough to defeat the unstoppable force that is President Trump?

While some Americans see the Biden-Harris ticket as the glimmer of hope they have been desperately seeking for the past three years, and especially in 2020, other Americans have bought into the Trump campaign’s rhetoric and don’t plan on hopping off his ticket any time soon. 

Although Biden gave Democrats an optimistic summer, he still has about two months to go until Election Day, which gives the Biden-Harris campaign plenty of time to make the same mistakes Clinton made in the 2016 election

Here is how Biden could lose this 2020 Presidential Election to incumbent President Trump:


Biden could stumble in the Presidential Debates

President Trump may not come across as highly educated when he speaks or tweets, but he and his team do a brilliant job at creating narratives. One narrative the Trump campaign has crafted is the “Sleepy Joe” persona. Throughout this election year, Trump has repeatedly referred to Biden as lazy, incompetent, and too old for the presidency. This has worked among Republicans, especially due to Biden not having the best track record when it comes to being well-spoken. If Biden stumbles in the debates, then his missteps will only reinforce Trump’s “Sleepy Joe” rhetoric. 


Joe Biden talks with voters
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Biden does not have a passionate voter base

Let’s face it: the phrase “Settle for Biden” has become more popular than Biden’s actual campaign slogan, “The Soul of America”. On the flip side, President Trump’s infamous red baseball cap with “Make America Great Again” written across the top was the single greatest campaign move he made in 2016 because of the base he was able to curate through it. When thinking of who wears baseball caps on the daily, uneducated white men who love trucks is what comes to mind–  and that demographic is the reason why Trump is in office. Americans have yet to see the same enthusiasm from Democrats about Biden. 


trump speaking at rally
Photo by Gage Skidmore from Flickr

Trump may take credit for a COVID-19 vaccine

Most Democrats seem to forget that Trump is a skillful PR (public relations) man. Before his presidency, Trump built an empire of hotels by using his name and produced his own television show, so of course he treats the oval office as just another branding opportunity. Given this, it would be no surprise if Trump attempted to spin the tens of thousands of patients in advanced trials for experimental COVID-19 vaccines as something he accomplished as president. Voters are more vulnerable than ever, and are desperate for any good news. If Trump is able to convince the public that there is a successful vaccine all because of him, then that might steal this election away from Biden. 


President Trump is an extremely divisive and controversial figure, to say the least. But, he does know how to sell himself and relay simple messages to the masses. This, unfortunately, is what campaigning has come down to. Trump also knows how to control the media and makes sure to keep every headline about him. Biden lacks this– he has not been successful in getting Americans excited. In order for Trump to be kicked out of office, Democrats need to rally behind Biden just as much as they protest against Trump.


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