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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at American chapter.

With National Hispanic Heritage Month coming to an end on October 15, here are six Hispanic-owned DMV restaurants to visit and support!  

  1. Tortas Y Tacos La Chiquita 

This local restaurant started out as a food truck and is now open for business at two separate locations, serving authentic Mexican food from huaraches to tortas. With a large menu, there is something for everyone to try. For the meat-lovers, their cheesy birria taco goes for $3.30 and a generous portion of their consumé is priced at $4.25. If you’re vegetarian, they serve a veggie taco for $3.10 which features a corn tortilla, cactus, and grilled tomatoes. Their restaurants also serve fresh drinks like horchata and tamarindo as well as desserts such as choco flan and chicharrónes. For the college night owls, their Columbia Pike location is open 24/7! Check them out on Instagram @ttlachiquita.  

8106 Arlington Blvd., Falls Church Virginia. (571) 970-2824. 2911 Columbia Pike, Arlington, Virgina (24/7). Open for indoor dining and takeout. Meals range from $3.20 to $14.75. 

  1. Ercilia’s 

When you think of Mount Pleasant, you think of Ercilia’s. A long-time resident, the restaurant has become a staple for many. They feature Salvadoran cuisine with options from pupusas de frijol con queso to carne asada plates. Their restaurant is perfect for an affordable bite to eat, with most items ranging to well under $10. You can dine in or pick up, and they are open until 11pm for those who want a late-night meal. While they don’t have a website, Yelp features their menu here: Yelp.  

3070 Mount Pleasant Street NW, Washington DC. Open for indoor dining and takeout. (202)-387-0909. Meals range from $2.50 to $20.00.  

  1. Qui Qui DC 

As a new pop-up, Qui Qui DC is bringing authentic Puerto Rican cuisine to DC. The former food truck has been brought to life in their new venue. Qui Qui DC has a bright and comfortable environment, paying homage to Old San Juan. They feature a seasonal menu with a fusion of other Caribbean foods such as Venezuelan empanadas. From mofongo de pollo to morcilla, there is something everyone will enjoy. For vegetarians/vegans, they have multiple options as well from pernil de jaca to arroz con pollo. Make sure to make reservations for dinner and lunch, as the restaurant space fills up fast. Check them out on Instagram @quiquidc!  

1539 7th Street NW Second Floor, Washington DC. Open for indoor dining and takeout. (202) 642-3179. Meals range from $12 to $54.  

  1. Mecho’s Dominican Kitchen 

More Caribbean cuisine in DC can be found at Mecho’s Dominican Kitchen. Mecho’s is a Dominican restaurant that started from humble beginnings as a bodega over 25 years ago. They bring a taste of the Dominican Republic to DC with this location and their other restaurant Los Hermanos. The family-oriented restaurant stays true to its authentic roots. Traditional foods are offered such as chicken bandera, mofongo chicharron cerdo, and beef chimi clasico. They also feature an all-day Dominican-style breakfast with mangú, salami, fried cheese, and a fried egg. Check them out on Instagram @mechoskitchen

2450 Market Street NE, Washington DC. Open for indoor dining and takeout. (202) 629-4847. Meals range from $10.50 to $23.50.  

  1. Catrachitos Restaurant 

Catrachitos is a family-run restaurant, featuring a Honduran cuisine. The welcoming restaurant has friendly customer service and lively Latin American music. They offer baleadas, chicken cakes, carne asada con tajadas and more. Catrachitos also provides fresh beverages, including horchata and maracuya. Whether you dine-on, take out or order from UberEats, you will get a taste of what Honduran cuisine has to offer. Check them out on Instagram @catrachitos_restaurant! 

4608 14th Street NW, Washington DC. Open for indoor dining and takeout. (202) 246-4059. Meals range from $3.75 to $17.00.   

  1.  Casa Kantuta  

Casa Kantuta boasts a one-of-a-kind cocktail bar experience. Being the first Bolivian cocktail bar in the U.S., Casa Kantuta seeks to bring Bolivian culture to DC. Tasty Bolivian snacks are offered like pasannkallas and salteñas as well as a variety of Bolivian-themed cocktails. The pop-up bar shares the beauty of Bolivian culture and offers an escape to take its patrons through ancestral Bolivian traditions. Check them out on Instagram @casakantuta!  

2309 18th Street NW, Washington DC. Open for dine in. Drinks range from $4 to $45, and small bites range from $5 to $7.  

Visit one (or many) of these restaurants for a delicious meal and celebrate Hispanic culture! 

Jordan Vail

American '24

Jordan is a senior at American University majoring in journalism with a minor in history. She is passionate about women's rights, rethinking voluntourism, and is interested in food, travel, and wellness journalism. She currently resides in DC.