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Hispanic & Latinx DMV Businesses To Support For Hispanic Heritage Month

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at American chapter.

This year, National Hispanic Heritage Month is September 15th until October 15th! The month celebrates the influence, culture and contributions of Hispanic and Latinx Americans in the United States. Take the time to support some of these Hispanic-owned businesses in the DMV area listed below! 

  1. La Cosecha 

Many of the listed shops below can be found at La Cosecha, a contemporary Latin American marketplace in Union Market. The stores include cultural art, goods, food and drinks. Its website calendar lists specific events to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month for the month. Check it out on Instagram @lacosechadc!

  1. ArtTepuy 

Support handcrafted art from Latin America at ArtTepuy. The charming shop collection can be found in Union Market. The owner, Tamara Barnabei, has been supporting Venezuelan artists since 2015. She brings pieces by the artists to the United States to support them, and has expanded to other artists from Mexico, Guatemala and Colombia. The shop sells carved and painted statues, weaved baskets, landscape painting and Wayuu bags. Barnabei works closely with Latin American artists to truly capture the meaning behind their work. “The story behind the product is important. Latin America is color; it’s beautiful,” she said. Check the shop out on Instagram @arttepuydc!


Also found in Union Market is the gift shop NOVA BOSSA. The store has artisan-crafted goods from Latin America and Brazil including jewelry, clothing, bags, home decor, perfume and more. From October 11th to 15th, NOVA BOSSA will be presenting Latin American Design Week (LAD). Tickets can be purchased online to view art, fashion and design from Latin America. Check out the store and event on Instagram @novabossaliving!

  1. Arcay Chocolates

Treat yourself to some exquisite chocolates at Arcay Chocolates. This family-owned chocolate studio in Union Market (with a recent second opening in Georgetown) has more than 15 years of experience. They began making chocolates in Venezuela before moving to the United States in 2017. The business’s master chocolatier, Anabella Arcay, has received 42 medals at the International Chocolate Awards, perfecting their colorful bonbons with exotic flavors. Arcay Chocolates also sells delicious truffle boxes, bars, spreads, baked goods and hot chocolate bombs. Check out the chocolate shop on Instagram @arcaychocolates

  1. Lara Deni Danzco Studios

Take a break from studying and enjoy dance lessons at Lara Deni Danzco Studio. This studio in Annandale teaches Salsa, Latin and Tango styles as well as a program called “Latin Cardio” Deni created in 1991. Latin Cardio dance workouts fuses various Latin American styles of dance like salsa, cha cha, samba, rumba and jive together. Deni began teaching dance at age 14 and is a 2019 World Champion. The studio hosts events of dance socials plus lessons for both beginner and intermediate level. Participants found the studio to be an enjoyable and welcoming environment. Check out the dance studio on Instagram @denidanzco!

  1. Cafe Unido USA

Have a study break at the coffee shop Cafe Unido at either of their locations at Union Market or Shaw. In 2014, the shop first opened in Panama to appreciate coffee grown by local producers. The cafe sells a variety of breakfast food and Panamanian coffees. Panama is known for sourcing exceptional coffee, especially Geisha coffee for how rare its aromatic flavor is. Check out the coffee shop on Instagram @cafeuniousa!

  1. Quavaro 

If you’re in need of high quality luggage, Quavaro is the perfect shop for you with two locations in DC, Union Market and Capitol Hill. The luxurious leather travel bags are handcrafted from Central Mexico and then shipped to the United States. The shop is originally based in Leon, which is known for having over 300 years in the leather industry. The shop sells a variety of weekenders, backpacks, laptop and tote bags. Check out the high quality bag store on Instagram @quavaro!

This weekend, visit one of these shops (or multiple at Union Market) to support Hispanic and Latinx-owned businesses!

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