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Lauren Anderson Senior Photo
Lauren Anderson Senior Photo
Lauren Anderson

Her Campus Senior Highlight: Lauren Anderson

Her Campus American is so incredibly proud of our senior graduates for Spring 2020!

Our first Senior highlight is Lauren Anderson. Lauren has been a member of HCAU for two years and currently serves as our Social Media Director. Lauren is instrumental in our daily social functions and we are so grateful to have her as a member of our Executive Board. She is a wonderful writer, leader, mentor, and friend. She continues to amaze us in her leadership role in HCAU and we are so excited to witness a world leader in the making. Congratulations Lauren, you are truly extraordinary! 

Major/Minor: CLEG Major, History Minor

Best memory at AU: Semester abroad in Madrid, Spain.

Plans after Graduation: Looking to pursue a career in government or communications.

Favorite memory in HCAU: Winning an honorable mention for my profile in Spring 2018.

How did HCAU change your college experience?

Shannon Exley, former Editor-In-Chief of HCAU, convinced me to join Her Campus in my sophomore year. I am so grateful for joining Her Campus because it led me to an amazing, influential group of women who have taught me so much about how to be a writer. The work that HCAU does journalistically inspires me to become a better writer.

Any advice for underclassmen?

Join a bunch of different clubs and stick with the ones you love the most!

The most important thing you learned during your undergrad career?

Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations; in other words, sometimes it takes a little extra hard work and dedication to reach your goals. Once you achieve them, it all will be worth it. 

Here are a few kind words our Executive Board has to say about Lauren:

“Lauren is a stunning person and is an exceptional part of our Her Campus family and we will miss her so much.”

“Lauren always has a huge smile on her face and makes you feel warm and happy!”

“She is a truly beautiful person inside and out, I am so grateful to have gotten to know her during my time in Her Campus!”

“She is so sweet and passionate about Her Campus and I know she will go on to do wonderful things!”

All in all, it is clear Lauren is a truly wonderful person and member of Her Campus and she will go on to accomplish incredible things. Congratulations Lauren! We are so proud of the woman you have become and continue to be!

Photo Credit: Lauren Anderson, Her Campus Media Library

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