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Grace Rodgers Senior Photo
Grace Rodgers Senior Photo
Grace Rodgers

Her Campus Senior Highlight: Grace Rodgers

Her Campus American is so incredibly proud of our senior graduates for Spring 2020!

Today’s Senior highlight is Grace Rodgers. Grace has been a member of HCAU for two years and currently serves as our Events Director. Grace is a natural leader and we are so grateful to have her as a member of our Executive Board. This semester, one of our favorite events was HCAU’s Clothing Swap with AU Pride and the Zero Waste Club. Grace facilitated this event and it was extremely successful. She is an exceptional leader, a talented writer, and a beautiful person inside and out. She continues to amaze us in her leadership role in HCAU and we are so excited to watch her continue her journalism journey to earn her Masters at Northwestern! Congratulations Grace, you are remarkable! 

Major: Journalism

Minor: American Studies

Best memory at AU: Here comes a cliché. My best memory at AU is my first day of classes freshman year. I remember walking on the quad and seeing a campus tour by MGC. It finally settled in that I was a college student, and AU was my new home.  

Plans after Graduation?

After graduation, I am thrilled to be attending the Northwestern Medill School in Chicago to earn a Master of Science in Journalism starting in June 2020. I’ll be focusing on my passion for environmental journalism as part of the Health, Environment, and Science specialization at Medill.

Favorite memory in HCAU: One of my favorite memories in Her Campus was organizing the clothing swap event and collaborating with the AU Pride and AU Zero Waste clubs. The event helped bring the AU community together, and afterward, we were able to donate several bags of clothes to local women’s shelters.

How did HCAU change your college experience?

Since I joined sophomore year, Her Campus has helped build my confidence as a journalist and provided me a community of infinite love and support. I am so grateful to have worked alongside such talented, ambitious, kind, beautiful women. I cannot imagine my college experience and life beyond without them.

Any advice for underclassmen?

Build professional relationships with your professors. Your professors have dedicated their lives to educating the next generation. As best you can, try to speak up in class or attend office hours just pick their brain – your professors will appreciate the effort. My professors have become an invaluable support system for me.

The most important thing you learned during your undergrad career?

Always go the extra mile. 

Here are a few kind words our Executive Board has to say about Grace:

“No matter when you see her, Grace always greets you with a smile on her face and asks how you are. Her enthusiasm is so infectious and she is an incredible woman that I am glad to know.”

“Grace has been such a light in my Her Campus experience. She has always encouraged and supported those around her no matter the task. She is such an amazing role model for what you can achieve through journalism and as a strong woman. I am going to miss her so much and I wish her all the best!”

“Grace is one of those people that just light up the room when you walk in. Her smile and laugh are contagious and I could not be more grateful for her presence in HC.”

“Grace is so passionate about journalism Her Campus and I know she will accomplish incredible things!”

As you can see, Grace brings light to her education, friends, family, and everyone she meets. We all know Grace will kick ass at Northwestern and we can’t wait to read all your writing online! Congratulations Grace! We are so proud of the woman you have become and continue to be!

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Photo Credit: Grace Rodgers, Her Campus Media Library

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