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Her Campus Graduating Cutie: Sammy Boyd ’18

From writer to Editor-in-Chief (and everything in between!), Sammy Boyd has done the absolute most for Her Campus American over the last four years. Originally from Rochester, New York, Sammy came to D.C. and spent her time studying data-driven marketing and psychology while always making time for HCAU weekly meetings. Her hard work and dedication over the years has impacted every single member of the HCAU team and impacted collegiettes across campus.

Before Sammy graduates in just a few days, we got her on the record to talk about what being in HCAU has taught her, her sources of inspiration, and her post-college goals. 

Her Campus American: Describe yourself in three words. 

Sammy Boyd: I’d say curious. because I’ve always loved learning and discovering new things. Compassionate because I care a lot about the people around me that are important to me and have a strong altruistic streak. And funny (at least I think I am), but usually only around people that I’m really comfortable with.

HCAU: What positions have you held in HCAU and which one did you enjoy the most?

SB: I started out as a contributing writer my freshman year, then moved up to section editor starting my sophomore year, then managing editor and finally Editor-in-Chief! And now I took a bit of a step back and am an events assistant. So I’ve had a lot of different positions, which I liked because it let me see the chapter from a lot of different viewpoints. I would have to say that I enjoyed EIC the most even though it was stressful at times because it was exciting to help lead the chapter and implement my own ideas.

HCAU: What’s your favorite HCAU memory? 

SB: I think my first Woman of the Year event that I attended my sophomore year is my favorite because I remember being really impressed with all of the work that e-board put in and really proud to be a part of a chapter that was doing something as important as highlighting the amazing women on our campus. I also remember being blown away by how impressive the women were and everything that they had accomplished while still in college, so it was really exciting for me to be a part of that event. It was also just a really fun chance to bond with e-board members that I hadn’t spent as much time with before and get to know them better as we planned the event!

HCAU: What else have you been involved in on campus?

SB: I’ve been involved with Alpha Kappa Psi since my freshman year, which is a professional fraternity on campus. Other than that I tried out a few other things freshman year such as being a Kogod Ambassador when I was deciding what I liked, but Her Campus and Alpha Kappa Psi have been the most consistent throughout the four years. I also have had a few jobs on campus such as working as a teaching assistant and working at the Kogod Office of Career Engagement.

HCAU: How has campus involvement, including HCAU, shaped your college experience?

SB: I think the biggest thing has been being motivated by the people around me and all of the incredible things that they’re doing. Everyone in both Her Campus and AKPsi have been some of the most accomplished and ambitious people that I’ve met, which has been a big impact on motivating me to take on additional internships and leadership positions and generally just take advantage of more opportunities that we’re given at AU and in DC. I think that’s a general theme at AU, too, is that everyone is always doing something, whether its an internship or volunteering or adding a third major and being around people like that always pushes me to do more. 

HCAU: How have you grown since your first day of college? Looking back, what advice would you have given yourself?

SB: I definitely think that I’ve become more self-confident and have a clearer idea of what I want in the future, even though a lot of things are still unsure for me. Before I came to college I’d never taken a metro by myself or spent a lot of time in a city, so even something small like being able to navigate my way around DC shows me how much I’ve grown! I’ve also become more open to different ideas and types of people, which I think comes naturally with attending a school like AU. Looking back, I think I’d tell myself to just try to meet and talk to as many people as possible in different classes and organizations because I’ve met a lot of really amazing people at AU and having a sense of community is important.

HCAU: Name a book, TV show or movie that’s changed your life.

SB: Gilmore Girls! Rory Gilmore is a lot like myself so she was always my TV role model because she loves to write and travel. And it was always a special show that I watched with my mom which is a fun memory to have. 

HCAU: What does a perfect day look like to you?

SB: I’d say my perfect day would be exploring a new city that I’m excited about, maybe somewhere in Italy because I’ve always wanted to visit and I’m usually happiest when I’m traveling. So I’d say exploring a city in Italy with either my family or close friends and then obviously I’d be eating pizza, since it’s my favorite food and I’d be in Italy, followed by pasta and gelato…and then more pizza. 

HCAU: Who’s a woman that inspires you?

SB: I’d say my mom is my biggest inspiration because she’s been through a lot of difficult situations in life and is very resilient and still seems to always put others before herself. She’s given up a lot for my brother and I and has always supported us throughout everything. Our former Editor-in-Chief, Shannon, was also a big inspiration for me throughout Her Campus because she did such a great job in the role and is someone I still look up to a lot!

HCAU: Thinking back on your own accomplishments, what are you most proud of? How do you think you inspire the people around you?

SB: I think I’m the most proud of my ability to prioritize what’s most important to me and find a way to take advantage of many of the opportunities that are available at AU, such as studying abroad, self-creating my major and interning in DC. I’d like to think I inspire the others around me to do the same!

HCAU: What are your post-graduation plans and goals?

SB: I’m currently still figuring out my immediate post-grad plans, but in terms of my long-term goals I know that I want to do something in marketing/communications for a brand or company that I’m really excited about and has a strong mission. My dream job has always been to work in the book publishing industry, but I’d also love to work for a non-profit or some other type of company that I feel is really benefiting society, since it’s always been important to me to feel like I’m doing something that’s helping others. I definitely want to travel as much as possible and I’d like to stay in DC for at least a few years but then potentially try out a new city!

HCAU: If you were to make a time capsule representing your life up to this point, what are three items you’d put in it?

SB: First I’d put a book, specifically the first Harry Potter book because reading has always been a huge part of my life and Harry Potter is the first series that really started my love of reading. I’d also put my passport, because it represents my general love of traveling, including memories from my semester abroad in Madrid and the importance to me of going on adventures and seeing new parts of the world and different perspectives. Finally, I’d put a picture of Kiawah Island, which represents both my family since that is the vacation spot that we went to every summer when I was growing up and also shows my love of swimming and the beach.

Thanks so much for everything, Sammy! The entire Her Campus American team wishes you the best of luck and we can’t wait to see all of the great things you do.


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(All photos belong to Sammy Boyd.)

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