Her Campus American Celebrates Launch of TommyxGigi Fall 2017 Collection

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

This fall, we have been obsessed with Tommy Hilfiger's collaboration with supermodel and style icon, Gigi Hadid, giving us the highly anticipated TommyxGigi collection. This line puts Gigi's edgy twist on the classic Tommy Hilfiger style.  It features ripped jeans, black high heel boots, and even incorporates the signature Tommy Hilfiger colors of blue and red.  The latest preview of the Fall 2017 collection features Gigi dancing around while lip syncing...and did we mention the leather, chokers, and high heel boots? 

This Thanksgiving, we are grateful to have received the ultimate DIY experience from Tommy Hilfiger. Not only are we loving the sturdy and classic Tommy Hilfiger tote bags we received, but we are thrilled to be able to decorate them exactly how we want to!  Along with tote bags, we received decorative patches and pins to put on our bags (pictured below) so that we can express our own style and have fun while doing it.

Did we mention we are also loving our temporary tattoos? From the sparkly star arm bands too the classic Tommy Hilfiger logo, these are perfect to bring home to use for some fun family bonding time while we are waiting for Thanksgiving dinner to be ready.  We also are loving the starry nail art from Tommy Hilfiger--we are ready for a glittery and golden Thanksgiving thanks to Tommy and Gigi! 

All photos belong to Her Campus American.