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Hannah Meisenberg ’15

Hannah Meisenberg, a fellow Her Campus Blogger, is now a Campus Cutie! Kudos to you babe!

Where are you from?

Scarsdale, NY

What’s your major?

Art History

What has been your best semester in college so far and why?

Fall of Junior year, because I was in London! I got experience many new cultures and loved the shopping!

What are you passionate about?

I love fashion and interior design. I hope to be a prestigious interior designer one day. Parsons is calling my name!

Who is your biggest fashion icon?

It is a definite tie between Rachel Zoe, Blake Lively and Kate Hudson. Rachel’s traditional twist on bohemian style paired with the effortless styles of Blake and Kate truly describe my fashion sense.

In three words, how would people describe you?

Fun, light-hearted and honest.

What is your word or catch phrase?

“Whatevs” and “You’re Killing Me!”

What’s your favorite thing to do in DC?

I love going to the Cherry Blossom Festival every year.

What’s your favorite DC restaurant?

Definitely, Farmers Fishers and Bakers, they take classic dishes and make it whimsical and fun!

Describe your ideal date.

Having a great conversation where there are no awkward moments and I love the idea of hanging out on the beach.

Are you single?



American University 2015. Avid traveler, foodie, nature lover, and rising fashionista.
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