A Guide to Having an Awesome Holiday Party

We are at the point in the semester where things are coming to an end and becoming hectic, but you know what that means? That means we are approaching the beloved holiday season. While you might celebrate the holidays traditionally with your family, you may also celebrate with your friends. There are many ways to have a rockin holiday party but here are some tips and tricks to make sure it’s a success.

Holiday Themed Foods

You can never go wrong with holiday-themed foods. Holiday-themed foods can be a lot of fun especially with friends because let’s face it, we are all children at heart. From Christmas tree cupcakes to snowman cookies, the best part is the treats can serve as both a party game and party favor.

Cute Decor

Whether it’s many decorations or just a few strands of garland, you can have fun and save money by making decorations. From paper snowflakes to even a mitten tree, decorate with friends before the party even gets started so you don’t prepare alone. 

Staying-In Entertainment

There are many ways to entertain your friends, but for a holiday party, you could plan a festive Netflix and chill session. Other than streaming Stranger Things, try watching some holiday-themed movies with classics such as Rudolph or comedies like Elf starring Will Ferrell and The Santa Claus trilogy starring Tim Allen

Otherwise, you can do Christmas themed games or make crafts. Making mason jars to celebrate and filling them with Christmas lights are a cute way to celebrate the season.   


What if we want to go out?

I get it, having a holiday party for friends can be a lot, especially if you are the host stuck with all of the preparation and clean up. So, the alternative if you still want to have a good time with your friends for the holidays is going out and finding something fun to do in town.  Depending on where you’re located, you’re sure to find places around you to either go ice skating, do something fun in your nearest city like in Chicago with the christkindlmarket or even simply viewing neighborhood Christmas lights.

Whatever you decide to do this holiday season is up to you– whether it is a huge holiday party, something small and intimate or going out on the town– enjoy being home for the holidays with your loved ones because any celebration is a great one.



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