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Giuliana Rancic is “Going Off Script”

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at American chapter.

E!’s television host Giuliana Rancic has been appearing in the headlines recently. It seems as if almost everyone has something to say, and it isn’t always positive. Rancic has been attacked for her weight, fans fearing that her breast cancer may have returned.  She was also brutalized in the press for a joke made on E!’s show Fashion Police.

Giuliana’s latest memoir Going Off Script, currently available for purchase, chronicles her life as a little girl making her way from Naples, Italy to Washington, D.C and tells of some of the struggles she experienced like not speaking English until the age of seven. Rancic explains that it was in fact television that taught her the English language, and inspired her to want to become a host. Rancic tells her tales of high school, her involvement in the rebel crowd, and the road that lead her to be living her dream as a host on E!.

Rancic uses her book to talk in great detail about her recent hardships, including her 2011 breast cancer diagnosis, for which she underwent a double mastectomy, and has since recovered. She also speaks on her and her husband Bill’s longtime fertility issues. Giuliana, unable to carry her own children relied on a surrogate who delivered Giuliana and Bill’s son Edward Duke Rancic on August 29th, 2012. However, because of Giuliana cancer struggle, she and Bill were only left with two biological embryos. Giuliana recently announced on the Today show that she and Bill’s surrogate miscarried their last embryo. The couple is now looking into other options such as adoption.


During the 2015 award show season, fans took to social media to blast Rancic about her weight. Fans attacked the celeb and host for being way too thin, and accused the host of having an eating disorder. And people began questioning if her cancer had returned. Giuliana, in an interview with NBC’s Savannah Guthrie, explained that she has always been a thin person, however, she herself recently noticed a dramatic decrease in her weight and is extremely concerned. After seeking medical attention she was informed that her cancer suppressant medication can indeed cause weight loss. She explains that she has a very healthy and full diet, and that fans have nothing to worry about.

Giuliana also used the opportunity with Savannah Guthrie to explain her side of the Fashion Police scandal. Giuliana was caught commenting on actress and singer Zendaya’s outfit. Being that Fashion Police uses comedy while commenting, Giuliana claimed that Zendaya may smell like patchouli oil and marijuana, and said something about the star’s dread locks. Zendaya fired back with nasty words, expressing how offended she was, calling Rancic’s words racist. Kelly Osbourne, who was a fellow host, ended up quitting right after this scandal broke, leaving people wondering if this issue was the reason for her departure. Kathy Griffin who was hired to take Joan Rivers place also left the show as well. Giuliana apologized to Zendaya and to all viewers, explaining how she does not tolerate racism. During the interview on the Today show, Giuliana elaborated on her side of the story, stating that during editing producers took out a lot of her words and gestures, like peace signs and the use of the word bohemian, that would have made the whole situation a lot less severe, but segments were taken out for time.

It seems as though Giuliana has had a lot of explaining to do, and perhaps her novel Going Off Script, will do just that. Giuliana also alluded to the fact that she may not be returning to “Fashion Police” for the coming season, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

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