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Get Great Skin This Spring: 4 DIY Fixes

We’re all on a budget when it comes to almost everything in college but that doesn’t mean we should be compromising the well being of our skin, am I right or am I right?  So instead of the spa we can stick to our dorm or apartment and pick up a few extra things on our next trip to the grocery store.  You’ll notice a trend in the use of honey in almost all of these recipes and I have two explanations for that.  The first is that while honey softens skin it has also antibacterial properties that help combat breakouts, and the second is that this one time I got a facial on vacation once and they used honey so it must be good (I also did some research).

It’s “treat yo self 2014.”   

1.     Yogurt and honey mask (rinse once the mask has dried): Like I mentioned before, honey is great for preventing acne and for moisturizing your skin.  Mix a little bit with some Greek yogurt and you’ll have a foolproof recipe for great skin.  The yogurt also has antibacterial properties but its vitamins and lactic acid brighten the skin by helping to fade any discoloration.  This feels amazing and you can save the leftovers to use the next day.

2.     Banana and honey mask (rinse after 15 minutes): There’s actually a Lush “fresh face mask” that consists of mashed bananas that you can see here, but making this at home and mixing it with honey does the job just as well.  The vitamins in the banana are great for smoothing out your skin and complement the benefits of honey really well.

3.     Brown sugar and honey scrub: Exfoliating is one of those necessary steps in skincare that is really easy to overdo and can strip away the natural oils on your face.  But, doing this just once a week will refresh your skin by getting rid of any dry, flaky patches.  I know the idea of using brown sugar on your face seems like it’s a recipe for disaster but this recipe is essentially a cheaper homemade version of the Fresh sugar face polish.  Mix a little bit of honey with a little bit of brown sugar and you’re good to go. 

4.     Olive oil and honey mask (rinse after 20 minutes):  Beauty oils have been really, really popular lately and using oil as either a moisturizer or a cleanser is an easy way to maintain the moisture balance in your skin.  This mask is a great quick fix for dry (sometimes acne prone) skin made from natural igredients that you can’t go wrong with.

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