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Gabrielle Union Announced as All-American Weekend Speaker

Every fall American brings a new exciting guest to campus for parents weekend. This year, as a part of All-American Weekend, the Kennedy Political Union will be hosting actress and activist Gabrielle Union on Saturday, October 21.

Union is known for her current role as Mary Jane Paul on the BET series Being Mary JaneShe has also been seen in our favorite movies like Think Like a Man, Good Deeds, Cadillac Records, The Perfect Holiday, Top Five, Bad Boys II, Bring It On, 10 Things I Hate About Youand so many more.

Beyond this, she has made her fame into a platform by supporting the efforts the Young Survivor Coalition and the Rape Treatment Center at UCLA. She is an ambassador for the Susan G. Komen Foundation and travels often to share her story of losing a friend to breast cancer.Union also helped to create a program called “A Step for Success,” which supports Kelso Elementary School in LA to work within their impoverished community. 

She's a girl boss through and through. She has been incredibly transparent about her issues with infertility, dealing with 8 miscarriages. She has been featured in countless magazines, discussing important issues from relationships to body image. Recently, she's taken all of her stories and compiling it into a book, We’re Going to Need More Wine, to be released this month. It features essays on important topics like sexual assault, gender and sexuality alongside her personal struggles with infertility and identity as a woman. It is definitely a book to anticipate for anyone still figuring out what it means to be ourselves in a world telling us how to be a woman on every platform possible.

The event will start at 8:15 p.m. in Bender Arena and student tickets will be free and first come first serve, not available on Eventbrite. As usual, parents and alumni will be able to purchase tickets here.

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