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The Future of Contouring

Ever since contouring hit the mainstream beauty blogging world, women everywhere are getting creative with their bronzer and highlighter. It began with face and eyeshadow contouring, and then breast contouring, and now women on Instagram are contouring their necks. Because these fads are appearing faster than the next scented Too Faced palette, I’ve chosen to grace my fellow wearers-of-makeup with my predictions for the contouring trends of tomorrow. Brace yourselves, it’s about to get angular:

1. Ankle contouring

We have to control our unruly Achilles tendons somehow. Sweep a bronzer slightly darker than the one you use for your face right behind your posterior lateral malleolus and your posterior medial malleolus and then trace the tendon with highlighter on a fluffy brush. As with any contouring, be sure to blend, blend, blend so that it looks as natural as it possibly can when you’re literally adding pigment to change the shape of parts of your body.

2. Thigh gap contouring

Since whether or not you have a thigh gap depends entirely on your body shape and bone structure, it can be a hard look for some of us to achieve. But no need to combat the stigma that comes with having a body when you can contour it away! All it takes is a kabuki brush and a whole lot of eyeshadow. Although I personally like using black, for the most natural effect you should use whatever colors appear similar to the background you’re standing against. Then, just apply enough eyeshadow between your legs that you appear as photoshopped as the models fed to us by mass media. The best part of this look? No blending required!

3. Ear contouring

Doesn’t everyone lust after the gorgeously defined scaphas and antihelical folds of New York Fashion Week models? Turns out, you can get that same high fashion look with just a touch of bronzer. I actually prefer to use brown eyeshadow to really get depth, but it’s up to you! Just dab powder along your scapha and on either side of where you really want your antihelical fold to pop. Go light on the blending- this look definitely calls for dramatic color.  

4. Eyeball contouring

I’m running out of ideas here. Maybe just spare your irises. 

In all seriousness, regardless of how you approach contouring or really any makeup technique, wear it because it’s what you want. There is never a need to alter your appearance for the benefit of others. And whether you prefer to go dramatic or subtle- always enjoy yourself!  

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I'm an SPA major at American University who enjoys wearing black and ranting about the patriarchy. I write about gender, sexuality, race, and identity. 
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