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Fashion has this weird way of recycling itself and somehow coming back in style. I find myself wearing the same kind of clothing my mom would wear in college. Here are 5 things that your mom probably wore in college and college kids are still wearing them today.

1. Plaid Skirts

The plaid skirt has always been associated with the yellow school girl outfit in the movie Clueless. In the past two years, it has become increasingly popular to wear a plaid skirt whether it’s a part of your school uniform or not!


2. Tracksuits

These have recently become overwhelmingly popular among celebrities and in pop culture. You can specifically trademark the Gucci tracksuit typically worn by YouTubes and makeup icon Jeffree Star. These tracksuits bring a whole new meaning to the “athleisure” style. Although there might not have been a Gucci tracksuit in your mom’s wardrobe, I’m sure she owned a matching set of sweatpants and sweatshirt.

3. Scrunchies

Scrunchies make the messy bun even cuter than they were before and it also can be used as an accessory worn around the wrist. These were a staple in mom’s college closet to tie your hair back to go to the gym or during a long day of studying. Scrunchies also don’t crease your hair causing as little damage as possible!

4. One-Piece Swimsuits

One-piece swimsuits became significantly popular in the summer of 2016 and have maintained popularity throughout the following summers. Most specifically, the red Baywatch-style bathing suit has single-handedly taken over swimwear. Any female lifeguard in the 80s would have been killing this suit.

5. Bell-Bottom Jeans

I have yet to try out this trend, but for the past two years people have continued to keep it going. The that 70s show look has been turned into something very boho-chic when paired with a t-shirt, floppy hat and booties. Your mom and maybe even your grandma rocked this look when they were at the college age.

This is just a snapshot of trends that continue to resurface time and time again. I’m sure we’ll being seeing mom’s closet make another appearance in the near future.

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