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Find your Soul: The Hottest Trend in Fitness is Rolling into DC!

Hello Collegiettes,

Picture a dark room lit by candlelight with an aroma of fresh, citrus-y grapefruit.  Sounds kinda romantic, right?  Sorry to disappoint but this is not about dating; it is about a spinning phenomenon that is taking over the fitness industry.  Ever hear of Soulcycle?

Can you spare 45 minutes a few times a week?  Soul is not only a full-blown cardio workout; it also combines strength training using light weights.  This 45 minute full body workout is currently the hottest trend in fitness.

Be forewarned, this is not a typical spin class.  Rather than simply peddling at various speeds throughout the class, Soulcycle focuses on strengthening your core, whether lifting weights in class or climbing a hill on the bike, it is always important to tighten your core to achieve balance and engage those abs for that washboard stomach you know you always wanted!  Celebrities including Madonna, Katie Holmes, Kelly Ripa and Jake Gyllenhal “tap-it-back” have all participated in classes at Soul’s New York locations.   

Be sure to arrive early to rent your bike shoes and to get set up on the bike by one of the lovely and patient Soulcycle staff members.  Expect to hear odd terms in your first class like “tap-it-back” and “double-time”. Oh and btw, Soul merch is outstanding!  Hoodies and sweats are to die for!

The first time at Soul is always the most difficult.  Within the first ten minutes of class, sweat will drip off of your body, kind of like being caught in a rainstorm. But fear not, riding with the “pack” as soul regulars like to call it, is what makes you pass the finish line.

Good news Collegiettes, Soulcycle is opening in DC in June! 2301 M Street, NW

Remember to “Change your body.  Take your journey.  Find your Soul”

Price: $35 a class (cross your fingers for a student discount!)



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