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Everything You Need to Know About The New Bridget Jones Movie

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at American chapter.

The third, and possibly last, installment of the Bridget Jones film series is finally here! “Bridget Jones’s Baby” premiered in theaters everywhere on Friday, September 16th. So, what exactly can you expect from this third film? We’re here to share with you all the juicy details (minus some major spoilers) on how Bridget Jones finally gets her fairytale ending.

The Basics:

Any Bridget Jones fan can tell you that these movies – and books – typically surround the topic of Bridget’s life as a single woman. This installment begins with Bridget (Renée Zellweger), having split from Mark Darcy, single again at the age of 43. Although this opens the door for a variety of well-timed older-single-woman jokes, on a less lighthearted note, things are tough for Bridget as she makes another list of resolutions for how to get her life in order. Nonetheless, Bridget handles her situation well by maturely facing Mr. Darcy and his new wife, focusing on her career, and trying to have a little fun with her friends. But as it turns out, Bridget’s original crew of friends – Jude, Shazzar, and Tom – are all married with kids. Can you say… foreshadowing? Bridget subsequently turns to a younger friend and coworker to show her a good time. This is how Bridget meets Jack Qwant, AKA Baby Daddy #1. 

The New Guy: 

His name is Jack Qwant, but you may know him better as Dr. McDreamy from “Grey’s Anatomy.” In “Bridget Jones,” Patrick Dempsey lives up to his old nickname as the billionaire entrepreneur who made his fortune by creating a dating app based on an algorithm. Bridget meets Jack at a Glastonbury-esque music festival that she is reluctantly dragged to. After drunkenly stumbling into his tent by ‘accident,’ Bridget engages in what she thinks is a one-night stand. Throughout the film, and pregnancy, Jack is a perfect gentleman. He’s playful, fun, and supportive, with an extra dose of romantic. Jack Qwant seems to be every girl’s McDreamy, until a few red flags pop up…cue the dramatic music.

The Old Flame:

Mark Darcy (Colin Firth) still holds a special place in our (and Bridget’s) hearts, even after their unexplained breakup. Bridget runs into Mark for the second time at the christening of one of Bridget’s friends’ children. And of course, it is only fitting that both Bridget and Darcy are the godparents for the lucky kid (more foreshadowing). Darcy makes a move and explains that he’s been having marital troubles and is in the midst of a divorce. Bridget shares another steamy night with Mark, just a week after her encounter with Jack. Although Mark and Bridget have a pretty intense history, the stiff and proper Mr. Darcy has a difficult time competing with Jack Qwant’s charisma and falls short of his baby-daddy-duties.

The Triangle:

What makes the whole baby situation so messy is fact that Bridget fails to tell each potential baby daddy about the other. Much to Bridget’s surprise, both Mark and Jack were beyond excited about her pregnancy. She simply could not bear to break their hearts with the idea that it may not be their child. And so, in true rom-com fashion, Bridget ends up juggling two men without either of them knowing about the other. Of course, eventually the two baby daddies meet and begin the testosterone-filled fight over Bridget and her baby. 

At one point during the film Bridget actually attempts to embark on her pregnancy journey on her own. While Mark and Jack are both M.I.A, Bridget faces the possibility that she might have to raise this child on her own. Despite some rather derailing mishaps, Bridget handles the reality of the single-older-pregnant-woman lifestyle rather well. But don’t worry; our beloved Bridget Jones does finally get her happy ending. She gets the guy and the baby, but which guy? And whose baby? You’ll have to go see the movie for yourself! This movie is jam-packed from beginning to end with quotable lines and a whole lot of secondhand embarrassment. For a girl’s night or date night, “Bridget Jones’s Baby” is the perfect movie choice this fall! 


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