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Emotions of the DC Metro

When the escalators are broken.
Seeing you have 5 minutes until your next train…
but one is just leaving as you get to the platform.
Standing in a way overcrowded train…
or being alone in one with that guy.
As someone who rides the DC metro almost daily to commute to my internship downtown I am all too familiar with these scenarios. Between overcrowded train cars on weekdays and single tracking on weekends, the metro is bane of many DC residents’ lives. Don’t even get me started on weather delays. But it is also a necessity for those who don’t own cars, ie. most college students. So how can we improve our metro transit experience?  One simple way is to register your wmata card online. This process will save you time on your commute by always making sure the amount on your card never dips below $10. 
Another helpful tip is to try and board the train at either the front or back cars, especially during busy commuter hours. These cars are usually the least crowded, and you might even get a seat! 
And for some in-transit entertainment, make sure to follow @unsuckdcmetro.
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Kari is currently a sophomore in the School of Public Affairs and a contributing writer to Her Campus American. She enjoys trolling tinder, chocolate chip pancakes, and Keeping Up with Kardashians.
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