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Emily Whitworth ’17

Major/minor: Public Relations & Strategic Communication, Marketing minor

Hometown: Mount Vernon, Virginia

Relationship status: Married to the game

Dream date: Shenanigans

Hobbies/interests: Theatre, dancing, thrifting, a cappella, coffee

Favorite play you’ve been in: Yes

Dream job: Batman (outreach administrator for a theatre or museum)

Favorite place to go in D.C.: Toss-up between Eastern Market and 14th Street

Campus involvement: Member of Pitches Be Trippin’, a frequent Dav rat, and performer/fight choreographer in student-run shows

Favorite class you’ve taken at AU: So far, Public Relations with Prof. Doshi or PR Case Studies with Prof. Stack

Most embarrassing moment: Spit game at the hot doctor at Sibley while sedated #insicknessorinhealth

Favorite movie: Black Swan

Favorite song: Retrograde – James Blake

Pet peeves: Group projects and bad breath byeeee

Favorite food: Avocadoes

Best place you’ve traveled: Went to Sri Lanka the summer after freshman year to do some growing up. It was my first time traveling alone and completely altered my perceptions of culture and development.

Favorite spot on campus: Silent floor so I can let out all of my passive aggression on noisy people

Three things you can’t live without: Candles, coffee and comedy

In ten years I’ll be: Happy

Photo Credits: Allie Erenbaum Photography

Public Relations major with minors in Marketing and International Relations. Studying in our lovely Nation's Capital. 
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