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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at American chapter.

If you have scrolled through TikTok, you have probably stumbled upon Eli Rallo’s page. Rallo, known as @thejarr on TikTok, has accumulated a devoted fan base from her relatable content and advice. 

Originally from New Jersey, the 24-year-old is currently a content creator and writer located in New York City. 

Rallo is the perfect influencer for theater lovers, gleeks, the gluten-free, pop culture connoisseurs, astrology lovers and anyone who loves advice. 

If there is one thing Rallo knows how to do, it is giving advice. 

Rallo’s social media is an advice gold mine. Every month, Rallo supplies her followers with an “Ins and Outs” list. For example, Rallo suggests that for the month of September, Starbucks is out, but kombucha in a wine glass is in. Rallo has a list of rules for seemingly everything: first dates, getting out of a funk, birthdays and so much more. 

Rallo hosts frequent questions and answers on her Instagram stories. One unique question and answer segment Rallo hosts is called “Help me say,” where Rallo’s followers ask her for advice on how to say something that they don’t quite know how to word. 

Don’t know how to ask your boyfriend if he is ghosting you? Ask Eli! 

Rallo’s advice does not stop at her Instagram, she also hosts her own podcast “Miss Congeniality with Eli Rallo”. 

With her transparency and confidence, Rallo is truly TikToks’ big sister. Rallo frequently talks about subjects like surgeries and IUDs, making her followers feel comfortable about topics others may find taboo. 

Can’t get enough of Rallo’s advice? Fortunately, she is coming out with her very own book “I Didn’t Know I Needed This” next fall! 

Rallo’s transparency and advice make her the perfect internet big sister. 

Hannah is a journalism student at American University who is currently pursuing a degree in journalism. She serves as the publishing director at HCAU. In her free time, Hannah finds enjoyment in reading, running, and attending Nationals games.