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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at American chapter.

It’s the first Editors’ Blog of the semester and that means a new editorial team. Rather than profile each of them with the classic HCAU Campus Cutie article, this month highlights what is nearest and dearest to our editors’ hearts: their dogs! Below are descriptions of these furry friends’ stand-out features, greatests tricks, heartfelt adoption stories and more cuteness overload. 


Name: Cooper

Owner: Peyton Bigora

Hometown: Long Island, New York but was rescued from Tennessee.

Sex: Male

Age: Probably 3 years old but because he’s a rescue, we can’t be certain.

Weight/Height: 44 pounds and medium height

Fur Color: Brown and White

Eye Color: Brown

Cutest Feature: The little pink spot on his snout. 

Coolest Trick: He attacks the car’s windshield wipers when they’re on.

Adoption Story: Only a few days after I had moved back to D.C. for my sophomore year, my mom texted me the above picture of this cute baby boy saying she adopted him. I had to wait over a month before I was able to travel back to Long Island to meet him!


Name: Ziggy

Owner: Carly Elkins

Hometown: Moorestown, New Jersey

Sex: Male

Age: 7 years

Weight: 70 lb

Fur color: Gold

Eye color: Brown

Cutest feature: Lack of intelligence.

Coolest trick: Occasionally brings back the tennis ball.

Funny story: As a puppy, he used to drag the “Welcome” matt from the front door to his bed and cuddle with it.

Favorite Toy: Red stuffed hedgehog.

Name: Maya

Breed: Newfoundland

Owner: Katie’s parents

Hometown: Chester County, PA

Sex: Female

Age: 2 years

Weight/Height: Approx. 90 lbs, medium height

Fur Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Cutest Feature: When she was a puppy she looks like a stuffed teddy bear. 

Coolest Trick: She can retrieve ice cubes from the automatic ice dispenser on the fridge. 

Favorite Toy: Whatever her two brothers, Ozzie and Falko, are playing with. My parent’s dogs get jealous of one another easily. 


Name: Brutus (right), Caesar (left) (haha funny right)

Owner: Hannah Andress

Hometown: Marietta, Georgia

Sex: Both males

Age: Brutus: 3 years old; Caesar: We think he’s 5 but we aren’t 100% sure

Weight/Height: They are both around 85-90 pounds but Brutus is really short (lol).

Fur Color: Caesar: Brown/white; Brutus: black/white

Eye Color: Caesar: brown; Brutus: green

Cutest Feature: They sleep together and play outside all the time.

Coolest Trick: They are very good at catching goldfish in the air.

Funny Story: They are both think the lawnmower is going to eat them so they go crazy whenever someone is cutting the grass!

Adoption Story: Brutus was a few months old when we adopted him from a rescue agency! Caesar’s adoption story is a little wild… my dad was leaving town on business and my mom got an alert that Caesar was going to be put down if nobody adopted him. So as soon as my dad left we went to the humane society to bring him home! My mom told my dad we were just ‘fostering him’ but there was no way we were going to give our sweet pupper up!


Names: Louie (right); Sandy (left)

Breed: Golden Retriever

Owner: Nicole’s family

Hometown: Chester County, Pennsylvania

Sex: Louie: male; Sandy: female

Age: Louie: 5; Sandy: 3

Weight/Height: Louie: 85 lbs, big but stout; Sandy: 75 lbs, medium height.

Fur Color: Golden

Eye Color: Brown

Cutest Feature: Louie’s square face and Sandy’s puppy eyes.

Coolest Trick: Louie’s pretty good at swimming; Sandy will retrieve anything and everything.

Favorite Toy: Nothing gets Louie more hype than a plain green tennis ball and Sandy loves any shoe she can find.

Funny Story: One time I left a loaf of banana bread wrapped in cling film on the middle of a pretty tall kitchen counter; when I came home, Louie had eaten the entire loaf, plastic covering and all.


Peyton is a student at American University in Washington, D.C. and is HCAU's Editor in Chief. Majoring in journalism and double minoring in political science and creative writing, Peyton intends on graduating in May 2022. Peyton's goal is to write for a major news organization as a print or online journalist. She also wants to continue traveling, exploring and writing about her experiences. To learn more about her and her work, visit https://peytonbigora.wixsite.com/website .
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Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus American. Currently an undergraduate student at American University involved in the Global Scholars program studying International Studies and Arabic. Preferred gender pronouns are she/her/hers. Her interests include national security, women in politics, international human and civil rights, and creating an impact that is long-lasting and sustainable.
To learn more about Katie or get in touch with her, please visit katiemaloneportfolio.wordpress.com/. 
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Carly is a senior at American University and enjoys old cartoons and binge-watching Netflix with her friends. She is a Psychology and Communication Studies double major from New Jersey. Carly just returned from a semester in Copenhagen, Denmark.
Nicole is a political science major at American University. She has been a writer for Her Campus since 2018 and an editor since 2019. She loves to write about politics, social activism and pop culture.