Editor's Blog: Food Favorites


Sammy Boyd, Managing Editor

1. Founding Farmers Brunch

Founding Farmer’s is known for its fresh, farm-grown, American comfort food. Although popular for lunch and dinner, brunch is served on weekends from 9am-2pm and is my new favorite meal to eat there. You can get a lot of food for under $15, and I recommend adding on the beignets as a dessert or appetizer, which are absolutely delicious. Other popular options include the chicken and waffles, strawberries and cream stuffed French toast, or buttermilk pancakes. The hardest part is deciding what to get! In additon to the great food, the restaurant also has a fun rustic atmosphere, and lots of seating even for large parties. Check out their website here for their full menu and multiple locations.


2. Al Dente Happy Hour

Al Dente is located less than a mile from AU, on New Mexico Avenue. Although it’s sometimes overlooked by the popular Chef Geoff’s, in my opinion you can’t beat the Italian food and cozy atmosphere. Happy hour is from 4pm-7pm daily, and all of the wood-fired pizzas are half price, meaning they’re about $7. They have other happy hour foods discounted as well, such as their homemade meatballs, burgers, and pasta. Al Dente is my new go-to restaurant when I want somewhere inexpensive and within walking distance to AU. I definitely recommend checking it out!



Tori Dickson, Section Editor

1. Homemade Granola

Whenever I’m running late for class and don’t have time for a proper breakfast, or if know I won’t have time to get food between classes, I make sure to grab some granola before I leave. The recipe is simple, cheap, and lasts for weeks. I often make massive amounts at a time so I always have something to snack on. You can also substitute, add or subtract the ingredients for whatever you like; I like to use dried cranberries, pecans, and pumpkin seeds! Get the recipe here.

2. Ted's Bulletin

Ted’s Bulletin is my favorite comfort food place in DC. They have heaping amounts of southern style food with a diner feel. It’s situated right next to U Street and the restaurant features old, black and white movies playing in the background of the bustling dining area. They also make delicious shakes and homemade pop-tarts.You can check out their website here.


Fiona Caulfield, Section Editor

1. Shemali's Restaurant and Grocery

Located close to Campus on New Mexico Avenue, Shemali's is a beautiful hidden gem. Its a casual Lebanese restaurant with delicious mediterranean fare: shwarma, lamb, kebabs, falafel, tabbouleh, etc. But the highlight is their savory pies. Small enough to hold in your palm, these pies have a delicious pastry outer layer, filled with warm, flavorful beef, spinach or cheese. A few doors down is the market side of the operation, which sells standard staples like juice, tomato sauce, nuts, jam and cheese, as well as decadent dates, Turkish delight, and other Middle Eastern treats.



2. Pho

There's nothing like a big bowl of pho on a cold day. This Vietnamese noodle soup is a beautiful combination of beef broth, shaved beef or chicken slices, rice noodles, and herbs. It's usually served with accoutrements: lime (for juicing), bean sprouts, basil, and cilantro. Personalize it with exactly as much Sirracha and hoisin sauce as you see fit, and you'll pho sure be in love. Glover Park has some great Vietnamese restaurants where you can get your fix


Shannon Exley, Editor in Chief

1. Cactus Cantina

As a San Diego native, Cactus Cantina is pretty different than the homemade Mexican comida I am used to. Although I will say it does not measure up to my standards of made-from-scratch tamales and guacamole I have developed, I'm still a sucker for Mexican food. Cactus makes me respect the east coast's attempt at Mexican-what can I say? I love a good chicken quesadilla and all you can eat chips and salsa! Cactus is a huge restaurant, and they always have room for you and your group of friends! It's a great place to grab a birthday dinner or meal with a few of your friends.


2. Sushi Para

So, I know what you're thinking...Sushi Para was closed down this past summer for health code violations.  How could I possibly like a restaurant that isn't even safe to eat at? Well, Sushi Para is back open now and better than ever!   In my defense, I haven't noticed any health code violations any time I have gone into Sushi Para, and I have always had a positive experience here.  I personally can't resist all you can eat sushi.  It's like my stomach can hold so much more than I ever thought it could, and the only way I can find out how much I can hold down is by ordering a few more rolls, of course.  And your sushi will even come out in a festive boat if you order enough, which is just another incentive to order more than you should probably eat. Granted nothing quite beats the sense of sheer disgust you feel when you leave this place because you know you probably shouldn't have eaten those last few rolls-but that isn't enough to keep me from coming back!

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