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The Dress That Broke The Internet Gets The Photoshop Test

It’s the dress that is breaking the internet. Allegiances have formed. #blueandblack vs #whiteandgold. Friendships have been tested. Relationships have been torn apart.

Is the dress blue and black, or is it white and gold?

However, the real question is: Why hasn’t anybody done the obvious yet? See what the eyedropper tool in Photoshop picks up.

Incase you are unfamiliar with the eyedropper tool, it is a popular tool on photo editors that allows you to pick up the exact color in a picture. All you have to do is click the area in the photo that you want the color of, and then the eye dropper tool picks up the color.

So, what color does Photoshop say the dress is?

First, let’s open up the image in Photoshop.

Now let’s go over to our handy-dandy, magical eye dropper tool.

Now we open up the Color Picker window. Now it’s time to get down to the truth.

Let’s put our eyedropper tool in the middle of the dress. Click!

And the verdict is….

Blue. Photoshop says that the color of the dress is definitely blue. And so does the online seller of the dress.

And there you have it. Photoshop is officially team #blueandblack. 

The internet is weird.


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