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Every holiday season many of us get wrapped up in the buzz of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but at the heart of the holiday season are the concepts of unity and charity. Even though a college student’s money might be tight, giving a few dollars on Giving Tuesday can help someone in need in our local community. Here is a roundup of local D.C. charities based on mission and issue area to consider donating to on November 27.

Food Insecurity/Homelessness:

ALIVE!: Through the efforts of local governmental, religious and educational institutions, ALIVE provides short and long term care for those facing unemployment, hunger, homelessness and health emergencies. This organization works to coordinate efforts to bring care to those suffering in their communities all year round through the coordination and unification of aid from the community.

Joseph’s House: Though small, Joseph’s House offers care to those who are homeless with late-stage and end-stage AIDS and terminal cancer live their last days surrounded by comfort and support. This organization provides round the clock medical and spiritual and emotional care to those who are at the end of their life. By creating community, those at the house receive the love and care that they need.


Potomac Conservancy: Located in Silver Spring Maryland, this organization works to clean up and conserve the Potomac river which is used for drinking water in the DMV area. The organization also works to prevent development around the area to conserve the land’s natural beauty.

City Dogs Rescue D.C.: In the heart of the city this organization works to rescue dogs from high-kill shelters around the U.S. to help them find a forever home. The organization raises funds to transports the animals to the D.C. area, pay for their medical care and place them in safe foster homes until adoption.

Women’s Rights/Heath

Breast Care for Washington: This organization provides free cancer screenings, support, and treatment to women suffering from breast cancer in a city with a high rate of the disease. Breast Care for Washington prides itself on their mission to support women no matter their income or homestead in the city.

Doorways for Women and Families: Located in Arlington, this organization provides housing, counseling, and companionship for survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault. Not only are women provided with care, but children are also given help and counseling, with the hope of helping all members of the survivor heal and gain their independence.

Veterans Welfare:

Operation Second Chance: This organization serves as a financial resource to help families of injured veterans get back on their feet. Donations help pay for home renovations so that homes are wheelchair accessible for injured veterans, childcare, utilities and retreats for families to reconnect.

Operation Renewed Hope Foundation: Founded by veteran Lieutenant Colonel Deborah Snyder, this foundation works to secure safe housing for veterans who are currently homeless or at risk of finding themselves without a safe place to stay. The organization also provides critical mental and physical healthcare and job placement to veterans.

Immigrant and Legal Services

Amara Legal Center: This organization is located in the heart of D.C. and provides free legal services for survivors of sex trafficking. The goal of this organization is to help reunite victims with their families, make sure that they have equal opportunity for employment and find access to safe housing.

Centreville Immigration Forum: Based in Centreville, Virginia, the forum works to train low-income immigrants to give them skills needed in the workforce to help them find fair-wage jobs. In addition to the training, the organization offers English-language workshops and it negotiates with employers to make sure those who work are paid fairly.

For more charities and topics visit Greater Washington Catalogue of Philanthropy.

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