Daily Comics Artist Jayda Hinds

Jayda Hinds, the creator behind @JaydaComics on Instagram, is taking the comic world by storm. As a Junior School of Communications student, her ability to create some pretty intriguing stories is gaining its well-deserved traction. 

The messages in her comics vary in content; they range from astrology commentary to portraits to dating culture. One thing that every piece of art has in common is that it’s bound to ignite a reaction in you as the viewer. 

Hinds’ art style consists of a minimalistic design approach combined with strong story messages. These two components interact quite well with each other along with the various themes Hinds’ features in her art. 

This is personally one of my favorite comics from Hinds; it’s pretty self-explanatory as to why.

Being a Black artist, Hinds is paving the way for people like her just by her presence, but her comics’ messages also illustrate some beautiful, essential points for young Black women. 

Here is another one of my favorite @JaydaComics pieces, highlighting the importance of connecting with your younger self. 

...and this one:

In this comic, Hinds captured the unfortunate reality for BIPOC in white spaces, especially in public transportation. Her caption perfectly explains the importance of understanding one's social position and how one operates in all kinds of spaces. 

The versatility in content is one of the many aspects Hinds is admired for. Her mini-series “Hot Girl Tip of the Day” is just one example of her notable range as a creator.

From socially conscious content to messages of mindfulness, Hinds can really do it all. There is a bright future ahead for her and @JaydaComics, so make sure to support and give her a follow!