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The Cookie Dough Cafe Provides Edible Cookie Dough

We’ve all had our mom’s raw cookie dough lecture due to the risky intake of raw eggs. Now being denied raw cookie dough is over. The Cookie Dough Cafe started by sisters Joan Pacetti and Julia Schmid who created edible cookie dough. The product was featured on the small business competition show “Shark Tank”. The dough is egg-free with no added trans fat or preservatives. The dough comes in four flavors: Chocolate Chip, Monster, Cookies and Creme, and Naked dough. 

Chocolate Chip: Creamy dough loaded with mini chocolate chips made with real cocoa. 
Monster: Natural peanut butter and oats loaded with chocolate chips and M&Ms. 
Cookies and Cream: Creamy dough loaded with chunks of Oreos. 
Naked Dough: Creamy, plain dough perfect for the non chocolate lover. 

The cookie dough is sold in pint and cup sizes. Even though it’s easier to order online, buying the dough is cheaper in stores. In D.C., there are stores that sell the product. The closest locations are Harris Teeter on Kalorama Road NW which is 2.7 miles away and the Foggy Bottom Grocery on F street which is 3.4 miles away. 

If you’re a cookie dough fiend, you’ve undeniably found the holy grail in this product.


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Tamara Young is a sophomore studying Political Science and Public Communications. 
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