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Singer on stage
Singer on stage
Original photo by Sofia Marcus
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Concert Review: Girl in Red’s Second Night at The Anthem

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On Sunday, April 21, Norwegian singer-songwriter Girl in Red, whose real name is Marie Ulven Ringheim, performed at The Anthem for the second night in a row after her first show completely sold out. 

Rock band Momma joined Girl in Red as her opening act on this tour, titled “Doing it Again” after the newly released album of the same name, “I’m Doing it Again Baby!” 

As someone who has been to a lot of concerts (29 and counting!) and has a strong connection to music, I am critical of how an artist sounds live compared to their recorded tracks. It’s safe to say that Girl in Red performed amazingly, even better than at the studio. I was honestly asking myself if she was lip-syncing – it was that good. 

Singer on stage
Original photo by Sofia Marcus

In terms of the show logistics, both Momma and Girl in Red were perfect on timing. They were either right on time to perform, or a couple minutes early. I was in general admission and had to stand for quite some time, so I appreciated the artists not delaying their performances.

Momma was on stage for almost 30 minutes, starting at 8 p.m. I had never heard of them before, but their music was a refreshing sound of authentic alternative rock music that I really enjoyed. It reminded me of Letters to Cleo, a band from the 90s who was featured several times in the film “Ten Things I Hate About You.” 

Band on stage
Original photo by Sofia Marcus

The sound was very nostalgic to me and, for those that enjoy the kind of music that makes you want to jump up and down, you should listen to Momma.

After their performance, everyone was seemingly getting excited for Girl in Red. It felt like every time there was slight movement on the stage, fans were cheering as they were expecting the artist to finally come out. 

Finally, at almost 9 p.m., all of us fans were met with the opening track of Girl in Red’s new album, titled “DOING IT AGAIN BABY.” This was such a great opener, mainly because it’s upbeat nature gets the audience excited for the rest of the show. 

While she sang some songs from her newest album, released on April 12 of this year, such as “Too Much” and “You Need Me Now?” featuring Sabrina Carpenter, she also performed older songs like “girls” and “we fell in love in october.” 

Singer on stage
Original photo by Sofia Marcus

She had a few breaks in between songs to talk to the audience, with one fan asking her to create a tattoo design for them. Seeing these interactions between Girl in Red and her fans was wholesome, as it shows she really cares about her supporters.

Despite how much we were enjoying the show, sadly it had to end.

But not without Girl in Red performing one of her hit songs “i wanna be your girlfriend.” Before starting the song, she asked the fans to dance as much as they could. Once she got to the middle of the song, she asked fans to create a mosh pit, got in the crowd with us and danced with us once the beat dropped.

This concert is one that I will never forget. If you ever have a chance to see Girl in Red, I promise you won’t regret it. If you are able, here is the link to get tickets for her ongoing tour.

Sofia Marcus

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