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Collegiettes Tell All: Awkward Metro Moments

There’s nothing worse than being caught in an uncomfortable situation with nowhere to go. We’ve all had them—those awkward moments on the DC metro or bus. Sure, you can pretend you didn’t hear that guy hitting on you. But you’re still stuck sitting next to him for the next 10 minutes. Here at Her Campus AU, we’ve had our fair share of awkward encounters. So here they are: the good, the bad, and often funny in this addition of Collegiettes Tell All: Awkward Metro Moments.

“I was sitting next to a guy on the metro on the way home from work. When I got up to leave he handed me a note. I didn’t know what to say, so I just thanked him and headed for the doors. Just my luck, they didn’t open right away. For a good 30 seconds I was staring at the doors, too embarrassed to look in his direction. I read the note later. It said, ‘You’re really cute. Text me.’” – Ashley Goetz

“One time I was on the metro and I was about to sit down when this old guy behind me basically yelled not to sit down because I would get bed bugs from the seat…ew!” – Abbey Weit

”One time I was wearing a t-shirt from my high school in Atlanta, GA, and a man approached me to ask me where I lived in Atlanta. It was a little awkward but also kind of cool, because we realized we were both from the same area!” – Paula Tulis

“I could write a book on the weird stuff that has happened to me on the bus. The highlight being the day when, during my morning commute, a woman was clipping her toenails on the bus. Later, coming home from my internship, a different man was clipping his toensails on the bus. Must have been national clip-your-toenails-on-the- bus day. I clearly didn’t get that memo!” – Tori Lardner

“My roommate and I were headed to Pentagon City Mall the Saturday before Valentine’s Day to buy some gifts and cards. This random guy came up to us and said, 'Congratulations on your wedding,' as if we were a lesbian couple, which we definitely are not. I was speechless, but my roommate politely thanked him and we got off the train at the next stop.” – Clara Appia

“I was on the metro after work one night and as soon as I got on a man was laughing and staring at me. I ignored it, and when I got off at Tenleytown I noticed he did too. At the AU shuttle stop he was a few feet away from me. When I sat down on the curb, he threw a few quarters at me, so I walked away. Then, another girl walked by him and he threw dollar bills at her! No one paid attention to him, but he kept laughing. So weird!” – Claire Shriver

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