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A College Kid’s Guide to Couponing

As college students, we could all benefit from saving some money. An extra few bucks can go a long way, especially with the holidays coming up. Keep reading to get an idea of how to start couponing and easy ways to make it a habit. 

What is couponing and why should I do it?

Couponing is the action of collecting and using coupons or taking advantage of sales to save money. The goal is, of course, to save money without having to cut too many corners. This could mean saving physical coupons, tracking sales, or even just knowing what store brands are the same as name brand. It’s not usually the huge storage units filled with nonperishables like you see on TV, but instead it’s watching little savings add up to make a difference on your bank account.

What’s the best way to start? 

An easy way to start saving money is by signing up for the associated rewards card. Be sure to get those rewards cards for stores that you frequent often (like the nearby grocery or convenience store) for access to sales that you may not get otherwise. The rewards card also tend to give you extra coupons based on your purchases at checkout. 

For clothes and other goods, websites like RetailMeNot send you all the deals without having to sign up for 1000 email lists. They send you daily blasts with the biggest sales that day at a wide array of retailers. Their website also has a ton of coupon codes to use during online checkouts. 

Be sure to take advantage of student discounts. Many museums, shops, and other establishments offer discounts as long as you have your school ID with you. It’s not always advertised so be sure ask just in case! 

If you’re not signed up for UNiDays, then you are seriously missing out. All you have to do is link your college account to the site to get exclusive savings at popular stores. Many of the stores have stagnant savings of 10-30%, but occasionally shops will offer over 50% off just for being a student. 

How do I keep up with all of this?

Keeping up with couponing becomes a lot easier when you realize how much money you’re saving. It’s important to keep up with these habits until it becomes second nature. Keep checking your email to see what deals are coming up and always use your rewards cards. Just keeping an eye out for savings on things you already buy is the simplest way to make couponing a part of your daily life. 

While I’m a huge advocate for savings, it’s important not to get carried away. It’s easy to get caught up in the savings and buy things that you don’t need just because it’s a good deal. Always ask yourself if that purchase is really worth the money to avoid overspending.

Couponing is an easy and practical life skill. Every little bit counts in college. You may even save enough to have an extra Chipotle trip each week!


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