Colleen Wanner '18

Name: Colleen Wanner

Year: Freshman 

Age: 18

Major: International Relations 

Activities on campus: Alpha Xi Delta, French Club, and Procrastinators United 

What do you like to do in your down time: Hang out with friends, watch movies in foreign languages, exercise occasionally, and avoid ending my down time

What is your dream career? #careercrush: To be a language interpreter/translator. Oh, or a voice actor! That seems like fun.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go: Besides everywhere? Antarctica, because penguins are chill, and how many people get to go to Antarctica? 

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself: Never watched Gossip Girl. Does this mean I lose my woman card?

Coke or Pepsi: Neither.

Celebrity crush: CHRIS PRATT. I don't care if he is a Lego, Andy in Parks and Recreation, or Starlord, he is my dream

Favorite artist: Art-wise, it would be Monet. Music wise, I've never been able to stray from the Beatles. 

Favorite food: Chocolate <3

If you could have any super power, what would it be: I'd like to say to be able to fly, but being able to copy a voice or pick up a language just by listening to it for a few minutes would be so cool. I could just be in my room with my roommates and suddenly Christopher Walken. 

What has been your favorite class so far at AU: This semester's French class. I love the language and my teacher encourages us to watch French films, which I already do, so I feel like I'm ahead of the game there instead of wondering why taxes or subsidies affect the supply or demand curve.

So after this interview, all the boys will be knocking at your door, right? They can leave chocolate at my P.O. box, and depending on the brand/type of chocolate, I will consider some.